Top 5 Benefits of Blue Tea!

Nowadays we know everything about green, white, black and red tea but what about blue tea? No, it’s not a tea simply mixed with some “E” food colouring! Blue tea is made from dried “butterfly peas” or “ blue pea” flowers, an all-natural infusion which provides a higher content of antioxidants than green tea. The flowers are native to South-East Asia where they have been enjoyed since ancient times as teas in countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Bali. Ayurveda regards blue pea flowers as a memory enhancer, an antidepressant as well as being a helpful anti-stress agent. Curious? Read on for these Top 5 Benefits of Blue Tea!

1. Anti-aging
It appears that blue pea flowers may well increase your skin elasticity and production of collagen which, adding to the anti-glycation already present in the flowers are likely to help prevent those usual tell-tale signs of premature skin aging.

2. Anti-inflammatory & pain relieving
Blue pea flowers act as a natural anti-inflammatory and have been used, among other things, to treat eye disease as well as symptoms such as acne breakouts or rashes.

3. Antioxidant powers
Blue pea flowers contain proanthocyanidins which are powerful antioxidants that can help repair and prevent damage to your cells from free oxygen radicals.

4. Helps improve brain function & memory
Blue pea flowers help increase Acetylcholine (a chemical produced by your brain that is important for synaptic activity) so they may well help with your brain and memory function, especially since, as you age your brain produces less Acetylcholine. These flowers contain properties that energize your brain.

5. Antidiabetic properties
Blue tea helps regulate blood sugar levels making it useful for diabetic patients.

This summer why not try blue tea on ice with honey and a slice of lemon. Don’t be surprised if you dine out in a Thai or Malaysian restaurant, to see blue pea flowers used as decorations, as a cooking ingredient in rice dishes or in some of the most exotic desserts around! Have a love affair with the Asian persuasion blues? Tell us how they make you feel by commenting below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. (Sample these other tea articles and Top 5’s to get YOUR Fit ON!) 

Patrizia Carbone

Patrizia has major interests in food, travelling, and health. She was born in Italy, Genoa but soon discovered her passion for living in different countries. She's lived so far in Spain, France, UK, China, and Colombia; although her soft spot is for South East Asia. At the moment she's experimenting with cooking/baking sugar-free cakes and biscuits and she'll soon be starting a Ph.D.

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  1. Well I never heard about this blue tea before, but I wanted to ask about red tea for detox, do you think it will help?

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