Top 5 Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea!

The natural flavour of peppermint (or ‘mentha piperita’ in its Latin form) is a combination of spearmint and watermint, and is one of Earth’s oldest herbs, with its dried leaves having been found as far afield as the Egyptian pyramids. You can make your own peppermint tea with fresh mint leaves and ...

Top 5 Benefits of Blue Tea!

Nowadays we know everything about green, white, black and red tea but what about blue tea? No, it's not a tea simply mixed with some “E” food colouring! Blue tea is made from dried “butterfly peas” or “ blue pea” flowers, an all-natural infusion which provides a higher content of antioxidants than ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Passion Flower!

Grown in Europe but native to southeastern parts of America, most of us have probably, at some point, been captivated by the beauty of the striking passion flower. However, a lot of people (including me until recently) may not have know about the health-boosting benefits that this plant possesses. ...

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