The High 5 Habit: Mel Robbins’ Interview with Ed Mylett

Just after Mel Robbins released her book, The High 5 Habit, she joined Ed Mylett in an interview to discuss aspects of the book, and share what it means to her, and how it can help others.

Both Mel Robbins and Ed Mylett are entrepreneurs with a passion to help others through the journey of life with its ups, downs, and everything in between.

After watching the interview there were a few things that really stood out to me, a 19 year-old college student who still has so much to figure out about this world. Here is what caught my attention, and hopefully, it will do the same for you too, continue on for The High 5 Habit: Mel Robbins’ Interview with Ed Mylett! 

Why Did She Write the Book?

Mel Robbins self-growth journey started with a personal rock bottom. She shares this stuff because it is what saved her, and she wants to save others. For her, it has nothing to do with the amount of money she has made, or the number of followers, it is about being on the same level of struggle as others and knowing that you’ve been there and found a way out.

She got fired from her dream job, her manuscript for a book was no longer going to be published, the pandemic hit, and mentally, she was anxiety-ridden and not doing good. However, one morning she looked at herself in the mirror and she gave herself a high-five, and it gave her the strength to continue. After this, instead of criticizing herself, she realized you simply can’t be hard on yourself whilst giving yourself a high-five, and scientifically it is true too.

Presence and Intention is a Main Theme in The High 5 Habit

To have a “successful” high-five, one must be present and have intention. Through research done at Harvard University, they proved that if you take one minute of intentional reflection about who you will be that day, it completely changes your levels of work-ethic, effectiveness, and the way you impact those around you.

When you deliberately take that time to be with yourself, even if you are stressed and have a lot going on, and then finish it with a high-five, you are reminding yourself of the things that you can do and that you believe in yourself.

In the beginning it is a daily practice and something you do, however after time it becomes part of who you are. Your relationship with yourself is the most important of them all, which is why doing this every morning will build a foundation of partnership and trust within you.

Building Inner Strength

The lowest moments in life, when you feel little hope and aren’t succeeding, is when you build your inner strength. These lows bring you the resilience and wisdom that you need in order to be better.

You can’t teach someone how to see themselves differently and no matter what you say to them you can’t change how they see themselves. It takes YOU to change. When you continue to beat yourself up and criticize you, you can’t move on. When you acknowledge the failures and low moments, and pick yourself up, better things will come your way.

What’s Meant for You, is Trying to Find You

As an individual, your role is to try and remove all the worries and insecurities you have, so you can be open to whatever is trying to find you. There are signals and signs everywhere, however sometimes you don’t see them because you are so wrapped up in your own negative emotions.

For Mel, she has a child who struggled with academia and dyslexia, and just didn’t really like school. Once high school hit, she told him that he could pick wherever he wanted. Although she lives in Boston, he said that he wanted to go to school in Vermont.

After hearing this, a psychic came to the show she once worked on. Her husband’s dad, Ken, showed up in the reading to say something about her son and school. The psychic told Mel that her father-in-law believes that she must trust her son in wanting to go to school in Vermont, and that is what she did which changed everything for her as well as her son for the better.

This book is simply not only about The High 5 Habit, but it is a bunch of tools and habits you can get into that will benefit your emotional wellbeing as well as improve your relationship with yourself.

These are only a few bits of the interview that I wanted to share, but it was all extremely powerful. I highly recommend watching it yourself and getting yourself a copy of the book. Life is uncertain and filled with many roller coasters, but as long as you have your own back, the rest will come much more naturally! 

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Talia Rosen

Talia Rosen, from Wilton, CT. is currently attending Northeastern University in Boston as a Psychology major. She has three older brothers who are all athletes, so she too has played sports for as long as she can remember! She played Varsity volleyball throughout high school. Since getting to college she has engaged in yoga, spinning, regular gym visits, and also kick boxing! She also loves to paint, meditate, and journal regularly. She is also a big food lover, so she enjoys making healthy snacks, meals, and desserts! She derives satisfaction from maintaining the perfect balance between emotional and physical fitness.

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