Grain Brain —  by Dr David Perlmutter

Title: Grain Brain (Revised) Author: Dr David Perlmutter Year: 2019 Publisher: Yellow Kite About the Author Dr David Perlmutter is a well-established neurologist as shown by his extensive history of delivering several lectures, presentations and journal publications. He first published ...

The WFPB Diet: What You Need to Know

Vegetarianism, Veganism, Paleo, Gluten and Lactose; there are a plethora of diet cultures out there. They each have their cult followings and dedicated advocates claiming that theirs is 'The One'. Now however, there is a group diet emerging. It’s called the Whole Foods Plant Based diet (WFPB). It’s ...

Gluten-Free Diet: 5 Must-Eat Staples

If you are newly diagnosed with coeliac disease or are avoiding gluten for other health reasons, switching to a gluten-free diet can be a massive lifestyle change because gluten is present in several staple foods. Getting familiar with which foods you can and cannot eat is the key to making a ...

Bread: 5 Amazing Alternatives!

Bread is one of the oldest man-made foods, and to this day remains an absolute staple found in 99% of UK households. 12 million loaves are sold every day, the majority of which are made from refined wheat-flour. Wheat is considered problematic due to the protein called gluten that it contains, ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of Seitan!

Seitan (pronounced, “say-tan”) is a high protein food, usually made from wheat flour, spelt flour, khorasan wheat or gluten. It's made by washing flour dough with water until it leaves a sticky mass (gluten) that is then cooked. Seitan or wheat gluten originated in China as an ingredient for ...

Top 5 Health Benefits of a Gluten-Free Diet!

The term 'gluten-free' has been a buzzword for awhile now amongst health and nutrition enthusiasts. Previously, the most common reason to adopt a gluten-free diet was due to celiac disease, but people are becoming increasingly conscious of the reported health benefits of a reduced gluten intake. ...

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