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Top 5 Dark Chocolate Bars!

Perusing the supermarket shelves can be a bit overwhelming when you’re trying to decide which dark chocolate bar to buy. They all look indulgent but you want one that suits your needs at the time, well look no further, here's our analysis of five of Top 5 Dark Chocolate Bars!  They're the most ...

Top 5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate!

If you’re a chocolate fan (I mean, who isn’t?) then swapping your usual fix for the dark version would be one of the better things you do for your health so here we list Top 5 Benefits of Dark Chocolate! Dark chocolate is pretty underrated. They do contain however a heap of health benefits that the ...

Pundits – Chocolate

Are you a chocoholic? I know I certainly am and although chocolate tastes delicious due to its creamy, dreamy, silky cocoa flavour, it doesn’t always benefit the body; especially when you may be trying to transform your physique, control your blood sugar or defending yourself from heart disease. ...

Vanini – Premium Chocolate

The Italian chocolatiers Vanini have brought out their new range of unique chocolates, with flavours including rosemary, pear and cinnamon, and lemon and pink pepper. A stand out ethically focussed company, Vanini place emphasis on transparency and corporate social responsibility in addition to ...

Pacari – Chocolate

Pacari Chocolate is an Ecuadorian family-owned company which aims to make the highest quality fine flavour chocolate in the world -and who doesn’t love dark chocolate, especially when it possesses multiple health benefits? Made from tree to bar in Ecuador, this fair trade, sustainable, socially ...

Top 5 Vegan Chocolates!

Winter is still lingering upon us and never has the time been better for a big satisfying bite of rich vegan chocolate – all the satisfaction with none of that dairy-induced bloat. It is often said among vegans that non-dairy chocolate is not as addictive, so even if you're watching your weight as ...

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