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Pure Recharge was born out of making fruit and vegetable smoothies to support personal sports training and looking into news ways of maintaining a healthy diet. The company produce homemade smoothies and porridge from fresh natural ingredients to provide people with healthy, natural and convenient food choices.

The products I will be reviewing are their smoothies which come in three delicious flavours, which provide a mixture of slow-release, high-energy foods and natural superfood supplements.


Coco Banana – Gluten Free Oats (35%), Dates, Hazelnuts, Coco Nibs (9%), Cocoa Powder (4%), Guarana, Banana Powder (1%), Pure Recharge Natural Supplements.

Fig and Goji Berries – Gluten Free Oats (35%), Figs (29%), Goji Berries (9%), Almonds, Guarana, Pure Recharge Supplements.

Strawberry Passion – Gluten Free Oats (31%), Strawberries (9%), Passion Fruit (8%), Almonds, Beetroot Powder, Guarana, Pure Recharge Supplements.

Nutrition: Each different smoothie mix is made with 100% nutritious natural ingredients and they are a natural source of energy. These smoothies all contain guarana which is known to increase endurance. All the products are made without preservatives and flavourings as well as being dairy free, gluten free, have no added sugar and are vegan friendly.


Coco Banana – I’ll start with this one first as out of the three it was my favourite! The first aspect I liked about this flavour was the simplicity. It says Coco Banana and that’s what you get! There is a lovely blend between the rich coco and the sweetness of the banana, but you can also taste the hazelnut in the background. This smoothie leaves a delicious taste of banana on the pallet.

Fig and Goji Berries – This smoothie mix also works really well together and provides an oaty/nutty taste at first before the mouth-watering taste of the fruity goji berries come into play. For me the hint of figs and banana was enough to give this a nice blend and make this smoothie very flavoursome indeed.

Strawberry Passion – I knew I would like this flavour even before a tasted it due to the colourful mixture in the package and it didn’t disappoint! The pungent taste of the strawberries were excellent and as that was fading there was the passionfruit which was equally as scrumptious. Once again this product was very fruity and flavoursome but with an oaty kick as well.

Value: I think these smoothie mixes aren’t just good value for money but are also good because they have so many health benefits and are all natural. They are unique and can’t really be compared to any other product and they really do promote clean and healthy eating, especially when just one of these is equivalent to a substantial small meal.

Summary: I really liked this product by Pure Recharge and the fact that it is so versatile is such a massive positive. You can take total control of the smoothie by adding additional/ different fruits. You can also build on the base by adding your choice of protein, coconut oil and even leafy greens to start moving towards green and vegetable smoothies. So whether you want it pre or post workout or as a replacement for breakfast it is such an effective product. Each flavour is different and above all they all taste delicious!

When we spoke to the team at Pure Recharge, they said they don’t want to replace the weird and wonderful smoothies people make at home but to complement them; by providing a pre-assembled mix of whole food ingredients which can wait patiently in the cupboard until you have a training day or are running late for work and need that superfood burst but are short on time. They really listen to their customers and their products are evolving to meet your needs, so watch this space for future updates and new products!

Product rating: 9/10

If you’d like to find out more and try these smoothies or any other products available from Pure Recharge for yourself, visit the website and social media pages (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram).

Rhys Higgins

Rhys is our Social Media Manager as well as one of our Content Editors. He has a 1st class BA Honours degree in Sports Journalism and has experienced a variety of media and sports sectors, including; radio, TV and online. Rhys loves all sport and has a particular interest in football, running and cycling as well as going to the gym and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can find out more about Rhys by looking at his website: http://rhigginsjournalism.co.uk/

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