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Manufacturer: Proform
Model: 530ZLT
RRP: £449
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  • ProShox cushion system reduces impact on your joints by 15% in comparison to road running.
  • 16 preset workouts with racetrack display and various speeds and inclines.
  • Well-tuned EKG grips will pick up your heart rate as soon as you place your hands on the grips.
  • Intermix Acoustics 2.0 audio system that is iPod and MP3 compatible so you can do your daily runs while enjoying your favourite music.
  • Smart aesthetics and design.
  • Folding for easy home storage.
  • Affordable.


  • At this price point it’s difficult to see any significant drawbacks -will be useful to most anyone not planning on using it to train for competitive running events as it has a maximum 16kph (10mph) speed limit.


A decent, budget level machine with a robust running area and some useful features make this a surprise package at this price point.


The Proform 530ZLT has a classic, low profile look housed in a grey frame that comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame, 5 years on the 2.0 CHP (Continuous Duty Rating) Mach Z™ motor and 2 years on parts and labour. By registering the product within 28 days of purchase, the parts and labour warranty will be upgraded from the standard 12 months to the full 2 years.

Features & Benefits

The Proform 530ZLT has a user friendly LCD track/loop display that can also be found on high end products and a 45cm wide running area. This treadmill comes with 16 pre-programmed workouts which change the speed and incline of the base offering you plenty of variety during your exercise sessions. The built in Intermix Acoustics 2.0 audio system (iPhone/MP3 player ready) allows you to listen to your favourite tunes or audio programs keeping you motivated as you run without getting tangled-up in your headphones.

This treadmill has a speed limit of 16kph that can be reached with the Quick Speed™ button allowing easy changing of your speed. Another handy button is Quick Incline™ which allows you to change the desired incline level between 0 and 10%.

The 530ZLT also comes equipped with a good heartbeat monitoring system so you can push yourself and check your vital stats without going the opposite extreme and over exerting. This is thanks to the EKG Pulse Grips which are sensors embedded into the grip bars which will pick up your heart rate with ease from the very first moment you place your hands on the handles. Your workout data also updates quickly the moment your workload increases or decreases.

Storing this treadmill at home is simple as the SpaceSaver® technology permits the running board to fold up compact for vertical storage when not being used while the transport wheels make for easy manoeuvring.


What we found really effective is the incline of up to 10% which is really good for a treadmill at this price point; it’s plenty for what I personally would use this at home for. The range of the incline gives you sufficient options to challenge yourself on long and shorter runs and for the majority of runners training at home (which this machine is aimed at) the speed options should prove to be enough.

However, bear in mind the 530ZLT wouldn’t work for a competitive runner who wants to do interval or high intensity training because it has a maximum speed limit of 16kph which isn’t fast enough. We’d advise that long distances in very short times (i.e. 12km in 50 mins) or pounding out 6km runs is better done on a heavier duty machine!

It is a well-known fact that road running has a strong impact on the joints and can damage them in the (and on a) long run. In order to protect the runner’s joints, the 530ZLT uses the ProShox™ Cushioning system that reduces impact by up to 15%. As such, this machine is a complement and may even be used as an alternative to outdoor running, and its large 46x127cm running area is suitable for all sizes users up to 115kg (253lb).


At £449 the 530ZLT sits in the same price range with other treadmills such as the BH Fitness F1 Folding Treadmill and the Active 120 Treadmill. However, its 46cm wide running area and 16 pre-programmed sessions give it a bit of an advantage over the other two that have 45 and 41cm running area widths respectively and three less programmable sessions.


In our view, Proform has done its homework and we highly recommend the 530ZLT. It is also approved by many gym equipment specialists as among the best devices for home use due to its exceptional value.

While it doesn’t have the speed capacity of professional gym equipment it does offer all the necessary features that could be reasonably expected from a treadmill used by a casual or standard runner and then some. It might not help you prepare to compete in the Olympics, but it will definitely keep you in shape while offering a healthy and fun alternative to road running.

If you are looking forward to leisurely runs at home knowing that your joints will stay pretty happy even while clocking up the miles over the cold winters, or perhaps simply slotting training into a hectic schedule, then the 530ZLT is certainly a treadmill for your shortlist.

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