3 Essential Tips to Purchasing Custom Cycling Jerseys

Whether you’re a seasoned cyclist or hobbyist, having quality cycling gear can help you express your passion for cycling. Even though custom cycling attire can be more expensive than regular apparel with no branding, it is worth the investment.

The cycling jerseys may feature your business logo and slogan. This can be a creative and genius way of marketing your brand and products. If you want branded cycling apparel, this guide is for you. Herein are essential buying tips when shopping for branded cycling attire from The Charity Clothing Company.

1. Understand Your Needs

Don’t go shopping without identifying your needs first. Not all cycling jerseys are made the same. Ensure that you consider factors like performance, style, climate, and functionality. You don’t want to buy a jersey that won’t serve you well.

For example, if you are after improving performance, select a fit made from performance-type fabric. If you are cycling during the summer, you want the jersey to have the best breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

2. Selecting the Fabric

Fabric type will determine the performance and durability of your custom cycling jersey. Most cycling gear is made from cotton, polyester, or wool. Synthetic fabrics like polyester are popular because of their moisture-wicking and breathability properties.

Wool and cotton are ideal for cycling in cold temperatures. They offer extra insulation, keeping warm when cycling during the cold season. They are also breathable, allowing your body to stay dry without the apparel sticking to your body when you sweat.

3. Find the Perfect Fit

A well-fitting jersey is crucial for comfort and performance when cycling. The best thing is that most renowned brands provide sizing charts to allow you to select the perfect fit based on your size.

Consult the manufacturer’s sizing chart to find the right fit for your body measurements. Also, note that sizing can vary depending on the country of origin. Another option is to try before purchase. This is a sure way of knowing if the jersey fits you well. Check out the groin area to ensure that everything looks nice. Ensure that the cycling jersey isn’t too tight in the neck and armpit regions.

The last thing you must consider is your style. Do you like extra tight fits, or do you want something loose? Some riders prefer tight apparel for extra aerodynamics while others want something loose for more freedom.

4. How About Designing a Custom Cycling Jersey?

If you want more creative control over the design, make your own cycling apparel. Take time and work on the design idea before you look for a manufacturer. You can hire a professional fashion designer to help you pick out the colors and fonts.

Incorporate the logo, slogan, and sponsors into the design. However, ensure that the design is simple. Simple designs will earn you more visibility, which is a plus for your brand or business. Explore customization options such as adding your name, initials, or motivational quotes to personalize your jersey further.

Last, look for a manufacturer who specializes in creating sports apparel. Read reviews and look through their portfolio for more insights.

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