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Martin Tye’s 500kg Deadlift!

In September 2018, British strongman Martin Tye accomplished the incredible feat of lifting 500kg in the seated deadlift. Competing in the World’s Strongest Disabled Man event in Norway, Martin made history by becoming the second man ever to pull half a ton from the floor! ...

5 Awesome Strongman Physiques!

Each year, a group of men gather together to show off their superhuman strength to us at the World’s Strongest Man competition. They pull, push, drag and carry weights that are beyond the ability of us ordinary mortals. Recently we had the fascinating task of selecting 5 Awesome Strongman ...

Sonny Webster Lifts Solid At Rio!

The Rio Games came around fast and went just as quickly, but is far from forgotten! Weightlifter Sonny Webster recently represented Great Britain in the Olympics. He achieved a 333kg total in the 94kg class, a very respectable total for his first time competing in the Olympics. At only 22 years ...

5 Top Vegan Athletes!

More and more professional athletes from around the world are making the transition to a plant-based diet. Most people would assume athletes have to have a strict, high protein, meat-based dietary programme in order to maintain their intensive workout routines. So why are they making the change and ...

10 Weightlifters to Watch Out for in Rio!

In 10 Weightlifters to Watch Out for in Rio! we look at ten weightlifters who'll be looking to bring their iron ‘A’ game to bear this summer: Five men, five women, ten different countries. Weightlifting is one of 28 sports which will strongly (no pun intended!) feature at the Rio 2016 ...

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