Martin Tye’s 500kg Deadlift!

In September 2018, British strongman Martin Tye accomplished the incredible feat of lifting 500kg in the seated deadlift. Competing in the World’s Strongest Disabled Man event in Norway, Martin made history by becoming the second man ever to pull half a ton from the floor!

He’s clearly a man who loves to excel and competes in several sports such as powerlifting and wheelchair rugby. We wish him much success at this month’s Invictus Games in Australia.

What do you think of Martin’s accomplishment? What lifts or other athletic feats have you managed to achieve despite the huge odds against you? Let us know below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram! (Inspired to hit the weights? Then these articles on Awesome Olympic Weightlifter PhysiquesBodybuilding Legends, the World’s Strongest Man, Eddie Hall’s book review and this gripping interview with David Horne are sure to feed your mind as well as your muscles and LIFT YOUR Fit UP!)

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