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5 Top Reasons To Quit Refined Sugar!

Sugar. It’s in everything. Most people are addicted without realising it and its addictive effect on the brain has been scientifically proven to be more powerful than cocaine and let’s face it…being addicted to anything isn’t good, especially when you’re not aware that you are. To avoid sugar ...

5 Top Keys to Choosing A Personal Trainer!

Are you thinking of choosing a Personal Trainer? Not a straightforward task in this multi-billion pound unregulated industry. How do you differentiate the good from the bad, the sufficiently qualified from the inadequate to find the trainer that is right for you? Read on for our 5 Top Keys to ...

5 Top Foods to Ensure Healthy Feet!

Generally when discussing the benefits of optimum nutrition; improvements to cardiovascular health, sports performance or inches off the waistline are often highlighted. However, did you ever think how adopting these changes can also improve the health of your feet? Well read on for our 5 Top Foods ...

The Body Bible

Title: The Body Bible - Feel Fit and Fabulous from the Inside Out Author: Alice Liveing aka Clean Eating Alice Year: 2016 Publisher: Harper Collins Synopsis: Clean Eating Alice has over 275k followers on Instagram thanks to her healthy meals and easy to follow workout plans. “The Body ...

5 Health Foods That Are Bad For You!

From low sugar to low carb alternatives our supermarkets are full of seemingly healthy products that are supposed to be better for us. However, many of them are actually contributing to the rise of type 2 diabetes, obesity and many other illnesses thanks to their hidden sugar content. Read up on ...

Why Omega-3’s Are Good For You!

You've probably heard about these at some point over the last few years and the basic idea is that the human body requires essential fatty acids for maintaining good health. It can make most types of fats with the exception of Omega-3 fatty acids. Since the body doesn't make them you must get them ...

Top 10 Health Benefits of Swimming!

Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit; it’s no wonder this unique sport is an all-round workout as it uses of course the entire body. Not only does it avoid putting a huge amount of pressure on the joints, but it also serves as an important life skill that can help protect you against drowning. ...

Fats: Are They Really The Enemy?

Let's take a closer look at this, Fats: are they really the enemy? What many don’t realise is that not all fats are created equal! Here, we'll discuss the different types of fat and why several are actually good for you. Then we'll be closely following up this article with top 5 foods that contain ...

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