Kevin Hart is more known for his comedy acts and roles in Hollywood films, however, now he is running a campaign #movewithhart doing 5k runs internationally (yes globally!) to get people to move.

Running is a new passion of his, “I learned that I have a platform where I can motivate and inspire.” Going on further, “What better way to do that than running? Running is something that everybody can do, all over the world regardless of race, shape, or size.”

Sunday morning just gone, this event came to London at Battersea Park on a drizzly January morning where he spoke to the crowd including children in the speech to motivate and get people moving. “You better run too, just because you’re a child, don’t think you’re getting out of this!”.

“I don’t leave until everybody here has finished this race. I’ll tell you something: the longer you take, the longer you hold my day up. I got stuff to do!”.  True to his word, Hart was at the finish line ready to high five every finisher alongside a long line of Nike pacers and coaches. The crowd was infectious and I couldn’t help but grin from ear to ear as I sprint finished the last few hundred metres to meet the crowd.

The Nike held event are supporting the #movewithhart campaign globally, including in Philadelphia USA, New York City alongside other global locations. Nike say that “they believe there is an athlete in all of us, and if we move together, we can reach goals that we never thought possible.”

The pacers and coaches running alongside us at the run were encouraging and supportive of every runner, as they said they would be; no matter the size, body type or experience of the runner. There was also free Pip ‘n’ Nut toast for all finishers alongside Smart Water and bananas.

So there’s no excuse, why would you not want to move with Hart? It was a brilliant experience, and a great way to start the running year with a good 5k fun run. Why not sign up in a city near you?

Monica Smith

Monica is a freelance journalist with a background in fashion, arts and lifestyle journalism. She is going to study Nutrition and Health at Roehampton University, and is gearing towards health journalism. Currently, she is an avid runner, climber, training for many races and OCR races including Tough Mudder which she is running for MIND. Additionally, her interests go into health and obesity management for children and adolescents.

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