Little Green Juice!

It’s no secret that the latest health trend is to be seen carrying a bottle of something gloriously green. But what exactly is so magnetic about these enchanting potions that attract the likes of Cameron Diaz, Gwyneth Paltrow and other movie stars around the world?

Well, cold pressed juices stand out for providing raw nutritional value.

Instead of the commercial method of blending the ingredients, (which causes heat from the blade’s friction to destroy sensitive enzymes) the fruits and vegetables are cooled down to a low temperature of 3 degrees before juicing. Then, the ingredients are pressed under different tones of metric pressure and filtered thoroughly to keep the consistency and nutritious standard of the juice intact.  This way you are receiving plenty of fibre as well as the raw foods’ vitamins and minerals in their natural state which in turn help you easily incorporate a healthy balance into your lifestyle.

The idea of cold-pressed juicing whilst undergoing a cleanse evolved in the past few years. Its origins come from the self-obsessed La La land of Beverly Hills, where you are guaranteed a juice store on every corner. But Hollywood influences are becoming increasingly distinctive across the pond with more and more juice stores opening around London. So, whether you are still mildly hungover from the Christmas celebrations or wanting a health kick to get you through the depressing month of January, then a juice cleanse just may be the answer for you!

Praised by fitness celebrity gurus such as Millie Mackintosh and Jessica Alba, the benefits of juicing are endless. From glowing skin, better digestion and keeping our immune system in tip top shape it’s safe to say that juices are definitely a health trend that is here to stay.

And lucky for us these bottles of goodness are now more accessible than ever; here are a few juice spots to check out in London for example!


Selling delicious cold pressed juices in a variety of flavours, CPRESS are also certified organic by the Soil Association who ensure that all of the products meet standards that are higher than the EU minimum. Not impressive enough? Well, their mission is to ‘create wholesome products that promote wellness in our customers through honest, clean and most importantly ORGANIC foods.’


Specially brought to London from California (the birthplace of juicing) PRESS Founders, Ed Foy and Georgie Reames discovered their love for cold pressed juices and constructed their knowledge and passions into successful boutique juice stores across London. Georgie and Ed believe that ‘a happy life is about balance, and having a healthy diet is a key part to achieving that balance.’


Located in Soho, this Organic Juicery emphasises the importance of feeding your body the correct nutritional values that it deserves. Plus you even get to customise your juice by picking your ingredients fit to please your tastes buds.

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