Liquid Collagen Drinks and Their Impact on Your Skin

When you search for “drinkable collagen” online you might well find over 300 results. Most of the products that get featured don’t just claim that they can enhance the skin firmness and elasticity but also seem to have a lot of reviews from customers who have bought the product.

All liquid and powder collagen products seem to be packaged up as easy, tempting and tasty ways to improve upon your skin-care routine. However, one question arises – can you get better skin by applying collagen to your skin or by drinking it? This article will delve into the subject and cover some of the vital points. Continue on for Liquid Collagen Drinks and Their Impact on Your Skin!

When it comes to theory, the idea of counting on a popular collagen drink for firm, healthy and resilient skin appears to be worth investigating.

Today, medical studies and anecdotal accounts have all proved that collagen comes with its own set of advantages. However, even then, there is just one question that surfaces – which works better, taking collagen in the form of an oral supplement or drinking it?

It must be interesting to know everything that collagen can do for your face. Several experts have pondered these questions and conclude that collagen does enhance skin texture to a considerable extent, depending also on other lifestyle factors.

Different Forms of Liquid Collagen

Simply put, the collagen available in liquid products is usually extracted from multiple sources. It’s useful to know the differences between supplements. Beef tissue is a popular collagen supplement because bovine collagen seems to be easily absorbed by the body. Other products that also have collagen are:

  • Rabbit skin, duck and chicken
  • Sheep
  • Marine and fish invertebrates

When it comes to the cosmetic industry, marine collagen happens to be a popular kind because it leads to reduced inflammation in comparison to animal sources. Also, there are significantly fewer chances of it carrying contaminants.

Pre-made Liquid Collagen Supplement Drinks

The moment collagen is extracted from the animal source; it’s made into the powder to be used as a supplement. Hence, there is a possibility of buying pre-made collagen drinks, which can consist of the dissolved powder in water and various other beverages.

You can consume these drinks on their own or blend them with any other food. If you don’t like the taste, you can try adding the collagen supplement to yogurt or a fruit smoothie. The majority of collagen supplements should be consumed daily. The manufacturers say it’s essential to consume collagen drinks for a few weeks to months, after which you will start to notice a difference.

Collagen Supplement Powders

Powder collagen supplements can dissolve or blend with liquids. Also, the powders are available in multiple flavors and can be easily blended in a glass of water or mixed with other foods. Many people don’t want to taste their supplements. You can try blending them with a soup or smoothie in such a situation.

What do Liquid Collagen Supplements Consist of?

When you consume protein, your body will break it down into amino acids and reassemble it when it gets digested. The advantage of most liquid collagen is that it gets hydrolyzed. That indicates that the big proteins get broken down, which saves the body some work. Then, the body finds it very easy to absorb. That aside, the liquid is capable of becoming dissolved in other drinks such as coffee and smoothies.

Collagen drinks are available from multiple brands and multiple flavors today. It is always better to select a well known brand. One of the best things you can do before selecting the collagen drink is to read about it and study the customer reviews and testimonials.

Even though most of the brands will probably have mixed reviews, it’s always best to choose a brand with constructively positive reviews. That way you’ll know in a jiffy about the main points that help you decide whether a collagen drink is worthwhile for you.

What do you think about the trend of using collagen for skin conditions? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

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