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The In-Fusion Ayurvedic Tea range offer an intense flavoured selection of herbal beverages, which it describes as ‘ancient Indian philosophy in a cup,’ that will quench your thirst and satisfy your mind, body and soul whilst leaving you feeling relaxed, invigorated or energised. The numerous health benefits that might be gained include improving blood flow and revitalising internal energies as well as creating positive feelings. But are they really any good? We’ve put them to the test, so read on and find out!

Ardraka: Vitality – lemongrass, liquorice root, ginger, peppermint, lemon peel and black peppercorns.

Chakra: Energy Flow – apple, fennel, Chinese bamboo leaves, ginger, galangal zest, carrot flakes, cinnamon, blackberry leaves, eucalyptus leaves, black pepper, rose petals, white rose buds, basil, raspberry leaves and lavender.

Om: Yoga Tea – cinnamon, ginger, nettle leaves, cloves, sweet blackberry leaves, cardamom seeds, hawthorn leaves and white pepper.

High in Vitamin C and minerals these herbal infusions facilitate in keeping a healthy balance between body and mind whilst satisfying your senses and with their healing and anti-aging properties they are great detoxifiers that can help flush out bodily toxins.

Ardraka: Vitality – Its potent peppermint flavour refreshes the mouth leaving it feeling zesty, clean and cool. I found it to be a great thirst-quencher after meals, especially anything that is hot and spicy, as it helps with digestion and reduces bloating. In cases of high blood pressure, pregnancy or breastfeeding, excessive consumption of this product should be avoided.

Chakra: Energy Flow – I didn’t know what to expect from this herbal concoction that is packed with a colourful mix of leaves, petals and flakes, but was pleasantly surprised by its subtle stimulating aniseed-like aroma. Its taste instantly changed my mood, putting me in a calm yet focused frame of mind. Of the three this is my personal favourite.

Om: Yoga Tea – If your preference is for spiced tea then you’ll enjoy this sweet aromatic fine leaf brew that leaves a lasting pleasant taste in your mouth. Though it can be enjoyed any time of the day, it’s an ideal drink to take when you’re winding down for the day; its warming ingredients make it a great choice for those cold winter nights in snuggling with the fireplace closeby or with your partner watching a thought-stimulating documentary.

Ardraka: Vitality / Chakra: Energy Flow – Use one scoop per cup. Boil fresh water to 100 degrees C. Allow fusion to brew for 5 – 7 minutes, depending on taste.

Om: Yoga Tea (Preparation with black tea) – Boil 10g of Yoga Tea in approx. 1 litre of water for about 30 minutes. Add 6g black tea and leave for another 3 – 5 minutes. Filter and add milk. Sweeten to taste. Best with honey.

At £6 per 55g (60g Om: Yoga Tea), I’d say these products are reasonably priced compared to other brands on the market and are of a high standard.  Each is sold in a re-sealable pouch to keep the leaves fresh and contains approximately 25 servings. The packaging is convenient and easy to store, so it’s a win win situation.

If you’re looking to cut back or cut out completely your intake of regular tea and are looking for a healthier option, then you can’t go wrong with Ardraka: Vitality or Chakra: Energy Flow. However, if you want to “spice up” your tea intake then Om: Yoga Tea infusion will do the trick. Though I personally find the preparation for this drink a little time consuming, if you’re partial to this type of beverage then it’s worth your time and effort. Overall, each one is definitely worth a try to see how far they can improve your state of wellbeing.

To learn more about In-Fusion and to order products, visit their website. In-Fusion products are also available from the Camden Tea Shop, in lovely Camden Town, London.

Spencer Lloyd Peet

Spencer has has made drinking healthy teas a part of his diet for 20 years and has a library of books on the subject that is continually growing. He's a writer, interviewer and photographer and regularly contributes to the popular culture magazines NEO and MyM. He has also written for wellbeing publications Soul & Spirit and Kindred Spirits among others. He is the creator and editor-in-chief of Diverse Japan ( To find out more about Spencer and his photographic work, check out his website ( ).

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