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Isn’t it nice to have your muscles pampered and softened after a strenuous workout? You might not have unlimited access to your own personal massage therapist, but there are certain tools that can help aid in your recovery. One of these is the ‘HighRoller’ ergonomic foam roller from the delightful Nordic country of Finland. If you’ve experienced aches and ongoing pains in the past and now in the present, you can relate to how disruptive they can be to your daily work life as well as your emotional wellbeing. Read on to find out if the HighRoller can help out!

When the going gets tough and your body becomes subject to a high level of activity regularly, it can potentially lead to overcompensation and stiffness which needs to be addressed and alleviated if you want to maintain and enhance performance. In order to achieve this, a good amount of gentle to moderate muscle tenderisation is required which helps to reduce the development of unhelpful, inelastic scar tissue, it also leads to the removal of toxic lactic acid. This results in increased blood circulation whilst creating more mobilisation of each joint.

Ranked Finland’s ‘sport product of the year’ in 2015, its inventors Pekka Vallo and Atte Haatja have a passion for helping others as well as a background in the sports science industry. The ‘HighRoller’ resulted from looking to find an easier alternative to traditional foam rollers which do not always allow the body to move into the best positions easily to help target each muscle group specifically. Let’s delve deeper into those muscular nooks and knots and discover more.

Design: The design of the HighRoller is sleek, has a small form factor and oozes quality. It comes with a black drawstring cylinder sack (a carry handle is also attached) which protects the foam roller from external dirt. Once the drawstring is released, the roller slides out and your first impression is that of a natural warmth being introduced into your room as its bright orange colour is pretty fetching. (If orange isn’t your thing, there are black and pink versions available!)

Inscribed on the roller is the HighRoller logo and pretty apparent on its body are various indentations and ridges. At both ends of the cylinder, digestive biscuit-sized screws guard the cylinder tomb which houses four slim-yet-sturdy, solid plastic rods with circular ends. These are easily assembled into a stand which is also very easy to use and put away

Build: The build of the HighRoller is structured by a robust plastic cylinder encased in a firm yet spongy layer of foam. This design gives the roller the backbone of support it requires allowing you to apply adequate pressure without feeling ‘absorbed’ by the foam tube unlike the characteristics of your bog-standard ‘froller’!  Overall it’s rugged and durable and should last you many years. The aluminium and fibre-glass reinforced plastic arms which make the stand are bolstered with a cross-hatched design on the inside overlap for extra strength and a productive muscle massage.

Performance: After using the HighRoller on specific tendons/muscular and fibrous areas of the body, I conclude that it was very easy to set up and target the majority of minor and major muscles from a variety of angles, very useful compared to other foam rollers which can’t quite provide that level of luxury. It can be used at 3 height levels: high, low and angled which allows it to be functionally used by anyone.

Value: The HighRoller is priced at £45 in the UK. After thoroughly testing the product out, it is my firm belief that you’d be delighted in your purchase of this quality sports item as it’s compact thus can be taken anywhere, reduces tension and improves mobility, at a reasonable cost.

Summary: I was pleased at how easy it was to transport this roller around with me and how rapidly it can be assembled and put away saving a lot of time, effort and general faffing about. It’s affordable and built with longevity and strength in mind for long-term, intensive years’ of use.

Feel free to visit HighRoller today for more information and to place your orders.  Check them out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter too! Used a HighRoller? Let us know your experience below, on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (See our other fitness equipment reviews to help you Keep your Fit ON!)

Benjamin Ensall

Benjamin is an advocate of the health and wellbeing lifestyle and the positive impact it can make on people’s lives. He has national and international experience as a Senior Personal Trainer, Food Psychology Behaviour Coach and Healthcare Technician and strives to make a difference. He helps facilitate the realisation of one's potential to achieve a happier and healthier life.

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