Fitness Watches: 5 of the Best to Run with in 2021!

After the tough year that was 2020, we have comforted and treated ourselves whether that be with gifts or comfort food, we have sat on the sofa for a little longer than we should and our running shoes have gotten well, forgotten about! As we slowly and cautiously edge our way into 2021, people are starting to tip toe back into a lifestyle that involves some sort of fitness. Fitness watches are good accessories to consider when embarking on or revisiting your fitness journey with elements of extra accountability.

These track your progress whilst recording statistics such as your heart beat, calories burned, and distance covered with number of steps taken. The watches can link to your phone using an app to take a deeper look into the progress you’ve made. Below is a quick guide to the best watch to purchase in Fitness Watches: 5 of the Best to Run with in 2021! (in descending order)

5. Polar

This is an excellent product and brand that many will have heard of – it’s worth taking a closer look. In summary of previous user ratings it scores a 7.7/10. It allows phone notifications to be shown on the screen, the battery life lasts 4 days, it’s water resistant and features an in-depth sleep analysis.

The negatives of this design is that it has a slightly clunky design, it has no onboard GPS and there have been reports from some that it has a bit of a grainy screen.

4. Apple Watch

This is a very popular product as it’s made by a world-leading and trendy brand and combines excellent aesthetics. In summary of previous user ratings it scores a 7.9/10. It has a clean and sophisticated look with customisable cases and bands. It features heart rate, rhythm metrics, and cycle tracking apps.

On the negative side, this product is not -as you might have guessed- compatible with Android, it’s one of the priciest options out there and sadly doesn’t have a long enough battery life in comparison to its competitors.

3. Garmin

This is a slick-looking product that is highly rated. In summary of user ratings it scores a 8.4/10. It’s compatible with Android and iOS, featuring a variety of training metrics along with highly-accurate heart-rate monitoring. Physically, it has a very good, bright, and colourful display with good battery life.

The negative is that the sleep-tracking system isn’t as accurate as it could be.

2. Fitbit

This is a popular product brand and their range includes a variety of watches to suit your personal needs. In summary of previous user ratings it scores a 8.7/10. It has Amazon Alexa built into the software, 6-day battery life and automatic exercise recognition.

On the negative side, this product doesn’t have a fast-charge option or GPS-tracking system.

1. KoreTrak

This is the best rated fitness watch on the market. In summary of previous user ratings it scores a 9.8/10. It is compatible with iOS and Android, has a long-lasting battery life of 96 hours and is waterproof. Physically, it has a HD retina display, it’s touch screen and has a hardened aluminium shell for excellent durability.

The negative? Stocks are limited and tend to run out quickly, this proves just how popular this product is -especially now in the coronavirus pandemic lockdown- when people need as much support, encouragement, and measurability as possible to make their fitness consistent and sustainable.

I hope this article has given you a brief insight overview on some of the fitness watches to check out in 2021. Do take a look at the respective manufacturers’ websites to find out more! What features and benefits do you value most in fitness watches? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram!

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