CrossFit Tips From a Silver-Medalist Rower

As a 2012 Olympic silver-medalist rower, Krista Guloien has a thing or two to say about the erg.

“(It’s) a bit of a torture device,” she says with a smile, “something that we use as a tool and we almost have to learn to love, in a way. It’s not one of the most easy pieces of sporting equipment by any stretch.”

In this video, Guloien offers some crossfit tips on how to approach the rower, starting with having a seat.

“Typically, you just want to set yourself up to make yourself comfortable,” she says, also referencing the foot straps and the damper setting.

When rowing, Guloien says she thinks about three things: length, power and connection.

“Rhythm is also really key,” she adds. “So you want to get yourself in a cadence that’s repeatable and something (in which) you’re able to apply pressure equally per stroke over a long period of time.”


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