CBD: Can it Help Boost Mental Health?

Studies have found that CBD is helpful in the treatment of various diseases, and appears to be helping boost mental health. Cannabis is extracted from the cannabis plant that is now ‘infamous’ for its medical benefits. We can extract over 80 compounds from the cannabis plant. The most known ingredients are THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBD (Cannabinoids). You can commonly find THC in psychotic and anti-anxiety drugs, as it has (under proper medical supervision) proven effective in treating some mental health-related issues, whereas CBD does not have such potent qualities. Read on for more in CBD: Can it Help Boost Mental Health?

Research shows that the use of CBD can prove helpful in certain mental diseases:

  • Epilepsy
  • Sleep disorder
  • Depression
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). If you want to use CBD, check your country’s law. It is illegal in many countries, whilst some countries use it as ‘curative’ medicine. Using cannabis and its possession is still illegal in many places. There is a lot of more work and research required to prove unequivocally its importance in boosting mental capabilities. It should also be clear however that CBD has no harmful effects on human health.

What are the Main CBD Products & How Do We Use Them?

People use cannabis for many reasons. Some use it for health issues, and some use it for its soothing and relaxing effects. The CBD that we get from the hemp plant has a negligible amount of THC, which doesn’t cause any effect on mental health. However, the CBD that we get from the marijuana plant carries a certain amount of THC, which can cause profound effects on one’s mental perception and health.

CBD products are usually of three types:

  • Isolate form containing only CBD
  • Broad Spectrum contains all components except THC
  • Full Spectrum contains all components with THC

Experts recommend using the full spectrum as it contains all the seed ingredients of CBD and THC. Researches have proved that when you use both these components, it becomes more effective and beneficial on mental health. The amount of CBD and THC varies in different products and thus this can increase or decrease its impact and effect on your health.

There are many controversial opinions we found regarding the use of CBD on mental health. Some are of the opinion that it is good and boosts our mental health whilst others say it is not fit for medical purposes. Either way there does need to be a lot more research done to prove cannabis is an effective form of medical treatment.

Here are some CBD usage applications:

  • Orally with a combination of water or alcohol
  • In the form of an ointment or a lotion, which we can apply directly to a painful area
  • In gummies, beverages, and candies, etc.
  • It is also inhaled through smoke. You may already be aware that products such as CBD Nugs available at https://cbdvapejuice.net/cbd-drip/cbd-flower/ are becoming ‘trendy’ in some countries including the USA.

It is not legal in all countries such as the UK and certain US states like North Carolina and Louisiana. So, be sure to check the laws of your country before purchasing or using or such products.

What are the Side Effects of Using CBD Products?

Previously, we discussed the many benefits of using these products. However, we cannot overlook the risks and side effects involved in its consumption. Believe it or not, some legal experts classify it as a C class drug, and its possession as illegal. You may face consequences for possessing it. 

Also if you’re not consciously aware of how CBD affects you, it might lead to many health issues, some of the common and major side effects being:

  • Dependency, you might get a chest infection, face difficulties in building a real, solid relationship, as well as suffer money problems.
  • Cannabis users often become permanent smokers. When you inhale it with smoke or CBD Nugs, it can damage your lungs and respiratory system.
  • Smoking is not just harmful for you. It also creates problems for your loved ones who live with you. It can badly affect their health.
  • You may well experience a change in your mood when you use for a long period. Some people can feel unpleasant effects like anxiety, etc.
  • It may also disturb your appetite, make you feel weak and mentally divisive making it difficult to focus.
  • Users who have a history of mental disorder are more prone to be a victim of its side effects. If you have a ‘genetic’ predisposition to mental health problems and you use CBD regularly, you may find that you’re more easily affected than other people might be.

When it comes using these types of products, you should do your research and consult your doctor or family physician beforehand. Doing so will likely prevent several problems from arising. 

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  1. Thanks for sharing this. CBD is also known for decreasing inflammation, and depression, anxiety, insomnia.

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