6 Ways to Prepare for Your First Psychedelic Experience

Returning to the routine of daily life might seem peculiar, even demanding, following a psychedelic encounter. This is particularly likely if you have just had your inaugural experience with psychedelics.

These experiences can be intense, beyond words, and possibly perplexing. They can give you a radically new viewpoint on the world and yourself, which makes reintegration into the conventional world potentially confusing.

Conditioning Your Spiritual Self

Preparation for a psychedelic therapy experience encompasses readying your physical body and your energetic essence.

Similar to dietary restrictions, ayahuasca necessitates a media cleanse, which might include avoiding violent films or distressing news, for a span of one to five weeks before the ceremony, depending on the practitioner’s advice.

Most practitioners dealing with psilocybin and other psychedelic substances also recommend a period of clean living and eating for about one to two weeks prior to consuming the medicine.

Sense of Direction

A consciousness-expanding substance such as Mantra Bars Euphoria allows you to explore aspects of yourself that might typically remain hidden.

While this can be enlightening and intriguing, it can also pose challenges. Hence, adopt an open-minded and curious approach akin to a scientific investigation. Having clear objectives can greatly enhance your experience. Be sure to spend some time establishing your purpose.

Opt for the Appropriate Set and Setting

Your mental state and environment have a profound influence on the direction of a psychedelic experience or journey, either enhancing it or detracting from it. This is why creating an appropriate “set” and “setting” is so crucial.

The term “set” refers to your emotional condition and objectives before and during the experience. If you’re mentally stable and have defined aims such as seeking healing or enlightenment, your trips are likely to be satisfying. Essentially, the set is about your internal mindset.

“Setting” signifies the physical place where you have your trip and the atmosphere you curate. A relaxed, familiar environment with soft lighting, elements of nature, and trusted companions usually encourages positive experiences. Challenging settings like crowded concerts while on psychedelics should be avoided by beginners.

Perfecting your set and setting is akin to turning your mind’s light switch from “work mode” to “relaxation mode.” Stress and anxiety can impede the positive effects of psychedelics. Therefore, aim to create a set and setting that promotes absolute peace.

Don’t Drive

It may seem obvious, but it’s worth emphasizing—your perception will be heavily altered, by a psychedelic experience so avoid operating any form of transportation. You don’t want to end up in legal trouble because you were confused by distorted traffic signals. That’s not a recipe for a pleasant experience.

Reduce Disturbance

A tranquil mental environment is free from disturbances. Switch your electronic devices to silent or concentration mode and confirm that no alerts, alarms, or reminders are set. Review your schedule and commitments to ensure you’re not required elsewhere. Let your family or roommates know you need personal time and space.


Engaging in activities that involve movement like walking, performing a relaxed yoga or stretching routine, or light exercise can all contribute to pacifying your nervous system as you get ready for your session.

The deeper you connect with your body, the more open, trusting, and receptive you become for the forthcoming experience. This also reassures you of your body’s dependability and proficiency in navigating the process.


Ensure safety is your top concern, have faith in the journey, and maintain an open mind and heart. By doing so, you could potentially encounter one of the most therapeutic and life-changing experiences ever.

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