5 Amazing Ways You Can Use Tea!

Tea (or the great English ‘cuppa’) has obviously become a staple of our country’s tastes and habits and is here to stay. But if you’re not really into it like others are – maybe there’s a use for it that you can get behind! Intrigued? Read on for our 5 Amazing Ways You Can Use Tea!

1. Use it as an Exfoliant and for Skin Care
Various loose leaf teas can be added to a mild or unscented body wash to become a skin exfoliant (cleanser). By adding loose leaf green tea to a honey or Greek yogurt base, you create an effective acne treatment. (The combination of the caffeine, antioxidants and the antibacterial qualities of the products here work together to heal your skin and reduce visible redness.) Tea can even be used to reduce the appearance of dark circles and ‘eye bags’, by placing two cold, damp tea bags over your eyes. Trade bags!

2. Uses in Recipes
Tea is no stranger to being used as an ingredient in various foods, desserts and breads – and is frequently spotted on notorious baking TV series’ such as “The Great British Bake Off”. Popular tea-inclusive recipes include chai tea muffins, Earl Grey bread, tea cupcake frosting, green tea ice cream – even being featured in cocktails such as the Earl Grey Martini.

3. Eliminating Foul Odours
Tea bags can be placed in your fridge to soak up bad smells emanating from things such as stinky cheeses, fish and onions whilst also preventing other foods from smelling badly. Green tea can even be used in foot baths to rid your feet of offensive smells. In fact, some herbal teas are even used to spread pleasant smells – for example, loose leaf tea in thin cloth bags can be put in drawers to give clothes a fresh and earthy scent. Loose leaf tea can also be used in a similar way to pot pourri, placed in a bowl with some sweet natural oil to freshen up a room.

4. Soothing Minor Burns
Sunburn? Got a bit too close to the hair straighteners? Take some cold tea bags and place them gently on the burn for some cooling relief.

5. In Toothpaste
The antibacterial qualities of green tea make tea-infused toothpaste a naturally effective dental cleaning product. In fact, even drinking one mug of (unsweetened) green tea daily can increase your overall oral health.

So, there we go – 5 Amazing Ways You Can Use Tea! If you don’t love drinking it maybe you’ll love bathing in it, putting it in your drawers, your fridge or your face wash! Have a different use for tea that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. (Tea addict? Don’t worry, we know all about that, we’re British! So put the kettle on and get a nice brew going with these other superb teas –Rosehip, Ginger and White– to help you Keep YOUR Fit ON!)

Heidi Quill

As a vegetarian since the age of six, Heidi is no stranger to being told she is “difficult” to cater for. However, in her late teens and having to fend for herself, she is beginning to discover how integral the role of food and fitness ought to play in one's lifestyle as a young adult. Now a journalist at Keep Fit Kingdom, she shares her intimate knowledge of the world of tea, having grown up in a house where a hippy-dippy mother would rather recommend a strain of green tea than a tablet of paracetamol! She is keen to promote her core belief in mindful living for the sake of one's internal maintenance.

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