3 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a journey that has led to the growth of the human race, and the driving force behind this journey is the woman. We have evolved from when many women died from pregnancy and childbirth-related illnesses, and we are now in an era where advancements in science, medicine and technology have given women the much-needed care and treatment to have a successful pregnancy and birth. Continue on for 3 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy!

In these glory days of medicine and science, not all the care needed by pregnant women can be fulfilled by medicine and science alone.

An essential part of the care that pregnant women need is “community and family care and support”. Of course, medicine and science will provide medically-related advice, treatment, and care to support pregnant women; however, this cannot be compared to the support and care the family and community will give.

Unfortunately, community and family care and support for pregnant women is not what it used to be. Women mostly go through pregnancy and child care alone without adequate emotional support.

The Need for Support

This was discussed in a previous article where it was mentioned that mothers are deprived of community care and support, leading to loneliness and depression. There is no doubt that pregnancy and child care comes with pain and hardship, but with adequate support, this nine-month journey becomes easier to bear.

Hormonal changes during pregnancy are very distinctive and leave pregnant women with a whole host of emotions, feelings, and behaviours. Some are pleasant, while others are unpleasant. It also restricts her from doing certain things that she would typically do. These new changes can be overwhelming, especially for first-time mums trying to settle into their new realities.

Pregnancy experience is unique to every woman, and each woman should be cared for according to her needs and symptoms. Although pregnancy can seem daunting, mums can still feel fabulous during pregnancy.

Here Are Some Tips that Can Help Mums Feel Great During Pregnancy

Before discussing these tips, a very important point to note is planning. Both parties should be financially, mentally and physically capable and ready to care for a child before pregnancy. This goes a long way in the emotional status of the woman during pregnancy as well as her attitudes and behaviour.

Tip 1: Be Informed

There are a whole lot of things to learn about when it comes to pregnancies. It is not just about getting pregnant; a woman has to prepare herself mentally, emotionally and physically for the changes that she is about to go through, and the best way to do this is by becoming informed. This way, she knows what to expect at each stage of her pregnancy and how to deal with it.

Antenatal classes are designed to help expectant mums prepare for the birth of their child and give them the information and confidence needed to carry a healthy pregnancy and have a safe delivery. The topics covered in these classes include a nutritious diet, exercise, relaxation techniques, pain relief, birth and delivery and many more.

The classes also provide information on after-delivery care for the baby and the mother. Midwives or the GP often provide information on antenatal classes, and expectant mothers are advised to register for these classes early in their pregnancies.

Tip 2: Relaxation

With pregnancy, many things can go wrong. Healthcare professionals and pregnant women hope and pray for a healthy pregnancy and successful delivery; however, the uncertainty of the outcome of the pregnancy puts fear in the heart of many women, hence the importance of relaxation during pregnancy.

Fear can lead to stress, anxiety, negative thoughts and other physical symptoms like dizziness, shortness of breath, headaches, and nausea. For a pregnant woman, these symptoms can affect her health and the development of the foetus. Aside from fear, the hormones released during pregnancy can cause havoc with the woman’s emotions, leading to distressing situations.

Relaxation puts the body and mind at ease and promotes positive thoughts. Specific relaxation techniques can help counter fear and anxiety.

Relaxation techniques have been known to help counter the effects of stress on the body and mind. They promote well-being and also help release muscle tension. Relaxation is beneficial to pregnant women, as it helps them face the difficulties of being pregnant.

Tip 3: Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Health outcomes are dependent on lifestyle. Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice, and the long-term benefit depends on our determination and effort.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is one of the main priorities of public health, as it leads to better health outcomes, and there is no doubt that choosing a healthy lifestyle will bring about healthy pregnancies, successful deliveries, and healthy babies.

Some Healthy Habits to Adopt During Pregnancy are:

  • Visit your healthcare provider for regular checkups. Regular checkups can help detect and solve any health problems that might lead to pregnancy complications.
  • Eating a healthy diet during pregnancy nourishes the growing foetus and prevents the development of congenital disability.
  • Exercise regularly, ensuring that it is permitted by your healthcare provider.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking as they can be harmful to both mother and child.

Use the knowledge and tips above and embrace a healthy pregnancy journey with knowledge, support, and self-care for a positive and fulfilling experience.

Roheemah Adebayo

Roheemah Adebayo, is from Nigeria, but currently lives in the UK. She studied Public Health as a first degree in Abu Dhabi, and did her Master’s degree also in Public Health in the UK. She is passionately interested in health promotion and well-being. She loves to encourage positive attitudes and behaviour which she believes are essential for a successful future.

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