10 People Diagnosed With Autism Who Still Achieved Success

Individuals with autism can do great things. This diagnosis is comprehensive, with some patients having mild symptoms of this disorder and others being restricted in what they can do. Those with autism may lack social and communication skills.

They also might have restrictive or repetitive behaviors. However, they have other strengths that allow them to succeed in life. How can this disorder help them accomplish amazing things?

1. Restricted Interests

Restricted interests are common in those with autism. They become focused on a specific topic and may maintain this interest for years or a lifetime. This intense focus allows them to accomplish things other people can’t. They don’t get bored and move on to something new.

2. Social Considerations

In addition, individuals with autism often have few friends, if any. This lack of social interaction gives them more time to devote to their passions. Their minds remain clear and focused so they can achieve great things.

3. Famous Individuals on the Spectrum

Many people on this list have been officially diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Others have diagnosed themselves with this condition. Specific names on this list have never been diagnosed, but people agree they fall on the spectrum, even if they have never undergone autism testing.

1. Daryl Hannah became famous for her work as an actress in movies such as Splash and Steel Magnolias. Many people are unaware that she was diagnosed with autism as a child. Her love of movies led her to overcome her shyness and become an actress.

2. Anthony Hopkins has won awards for his work in various movies. People know him for his inability to maintain friendships and obsessive thoughts, which are related to the Asperger’s Syndrome diagnosis he received during his childhood.

3. Tim Burton Those who love movies are likely familiar with the works of Tim Burton. According to Helena Bonham Carter, his long-time partner, Burton has autism. His unique perspective and intense focus have helped him when directing films.

4. Henry Cavendish Born in 1731, Cavendish was known for discovering hydrogen. He avoided company and couldn’t maintain eye contact with others. His autism was so severe he only communicated with servants through notes and built a separate staircase to avoid his housekeeper.

5. Emily Dickinson Many people know Dickinson’s works. Experts today believe she may have had autism. She related better to children and was very reserved around others.

6. Barbara McClintock McClintock may not be famous in most people’s eyes, but her work is fantastic. She focused on studying chromosomes and alterations in them during reproduction. McClintock avoided the spotlight and almost refused her Nobel Prize to avoid social attention.

7. Michelangelo Michelangelo is best known for his breathtaking works of art. Born in 1475, he fixated on his work. Those around him noticed he couldn’t control his emotions, didn’t do well in social settings, and loved strict routines.

8. Sir Isaac Newton Newton isolated himself as often as possible. He hated spending time with others socially, and conversations would be awkward when he was forced to do so.

9. Nikola Tesla This inventor had several phobias and a sensitivity to light and sound. Tesla preferred to spend his time alone. It has been reported he had an obsession with the number three.

10. Elon Musk Most people are aware of Elon Musk today. He has Asperger’s Syndrome. This hasn’t stopped him from accumulating wealth, as he is currently the richest man in the world.

Every person with ASD has much to contribute to the world. Some will become famous, while others will positively touch the lives of those around them.

While those with this disorder need more support, they are unique individuals with strengths and abilities. The world must recognize them for what they can do, not what they can’t.

Jennifer Dawson

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