Yeo Valley – Bio Light Greek Style Organic Yogurt

If you enjoy dairy foods, it’s likely that you will have seen Yeo Valley products on store shelves. With an ever-expanding number of milks and yogurts in their range, they have provided consumers with products that are ethically and sustainably farmed for more than two decades. Our staff recently had the chance to try a new addition; the Blueberry and Blackcurrant Bio Light Greek Style yogurt, (or ‘Yeogurt’ as it says on the pot) read on to find out what we thought!

Ingredients: Organic fat free Greek style yogurt (milk), milk proteins, organic sugar (3.4%), organic blueberry (3%), organic blackcurrant (2%), organic maize starch, natural flavourings, organic concentrated lemon juice. The product also contains live cultures.

Nutrition: This yogurt is FAT FREE and only has 65 kcals per 100g. Yeo Valley state that this is 30% lower in calories than yogurts in their standard range. It’s suitable for a vegetarian diet and is also gluten free. The Soil Association and OMSCO labels are present on the packaging which should give you peace of mind about its organic status.

Taste: The purple and blue colour of this yogurt is lovely and visually appealing. It only took one spoonful to convince me of how seriously delicious it is. Not too thick in texture nor too sweet in taste, I found it to be moreish. It was admittedly a challenge not to eat the entire pot in one sitting!

Value: Priced at £1.50 for a 450g pot, I think it’s very fair considering that you’ll get high quality nutrients from this product and a full, richly-satisfying almost ambrosial experience. And if you happen to need another incentive to eat organic food, each pot has a “Yeokens” code for you to collect so you can save up to claim rewards, interesting.

Summary: This Blueberry and Blackcurrant yogurt is a mouthwatering, refreshing delight. Knowing that you’re putting clean and natural food into your body adds to the satisfaction. Top marks for this one.

Which of the Yeo Valley range do you prefer most? Find out more about Yeo Valley Bio Light products via their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Love dairy and yogurt, or maybe you’re into vegan alternatives? Let us know below,  join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (Here are more food product reviews to help you easily get and Keep YOUR Fit ON!) 

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