Vegan Comfort Foods: 5 Amazingly Delicious Treats!

We all need a bit of comfort food every now and then. You get home from a long and stressful day, the kids are driving you crazy or; you’ve finally called off that relationship that’s been nagging away at you for some time. Well what better to way to soothe these issues than indulging in some really, really great food with some added health benefits to offset the indulgence guilt. Read on for Vegan Comfort Foods: 5 Amazingly Delicious Treats!

1. Mac & Cheese


An absolute classic and so so simple to make. Macaroni and Cheese tops our list of amazing vegan comfort foods because, let’s be real, the pasta and cheese combo never fails us. There are some fantastic recipes out there that won’t make you want to go back just for seconds but probably thirds too! Check out the one above from @nutritionrefined

2. Burgers

The great thing about vegan burgers is that there are so many ways to do them and they all taste superb. Vegan burgers have been taking supermarkets by storm recently for imitating the traditional meat burger perfectly. Pick up a couple of these bad boys and some delicious vegan buns and you’ve got a 20-minute oven meal that you wouldn’t think is any different from its usual meat counterpart. Alternatively, if you have some extra time on your hands I recommend giving the below recipe a go to really jazz up your buns.

3. Soups

Okay this one may sound boring. But nothing screams comfort better than a hot bowl of soup accompanied by a toasted grilled cheese sandwich. Soups are one of the best vegan options for comfort food because they’re quick, easy and there’s hundreds of options to choose from.

4. Pancakes

Over the past couple of years pancakes have evolved from being a sickly-sweet breakfast to sedate the kids to becoming a fitness guru’s go to meal. Pancake recipes come in all kinds of variations yet remain blissfully simple and quick to make. Your typical vegan pancakes include a base of flour, dairy-free milk and a pinch of baking powder. Personalise the final product with your favourite toppings and you’re good to go.

5. Ice Cream

Let’s go out with a bang and take a moment to appreciate one thing. Ice Cream. Yes cream is in the name and yes you can have amazing tasting vegan versions. Brands across the globe including Ben and Jerry’s, Magnum and Alpro are now releasing vegan ranges of ice cream regularly which means more excuses for us to stock up the freezer for movie night.

Make sure to let us know which of the above treats made you drool the most. At Keep Fit Kingdom we are always eager to hear about your journey and share stories through our social media channels on FacebookTwitter & Instagram and check out similar articles on our blog for even more amazing food inspo!

Krista Emilia

Krista is currently in training for the British stunt register with an extensive training background in snowsports, gymnastics and mixed martial arts. She is passionate about the changes sweeping the health and fitness industry having been a part of the process for 4 years working as a full-time food photographer and writer. Creative training and nutrition goes hand in hand for her so is her mission to share information with others about an active lifestyle in the pursuit of a happy and healthy future!

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