Sandbag Training: Power Cleans

Our next sandbag training article in the series revolves around Power Cleans. We've all seen weightlifters in the Olympics picking up heavy weights from the floor and hoisting them up before holding them overhead. The clean and jerk is one of the two lifts (the snatch is the other) in this sport ...

4 Benefits of Working Out on an Air Bike

The great thing about air bikes is that they work out a greater proportion of your body and muscle mass than conventional stationary bikes with fixed handles. Follow on for 4 Benefits of Adding an Air Bike to Your Workout! 1. Improve Your Heart Health ...

Your First Time Night Hiking: 3 Helpful Tips

There are numerous natural places to see, and hiking during the day is one of the best ways to experience them. But there is beauty in the nighttime too, and a night hike will help you see nature in a new way. If it’s your first time night hiking, use these tips to help you navigate the world under ...

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