Top 5 Yoga Poses For a Powerful Core!

Ever wondered how yogis balance themselves in crazy positions? No it’s not that they possess super powers, it’s that they have super strong abdominals! Having strong and toned abs is important to a lot of us. Not only does a strong core look great but it supports our physical body in so many ways. Yoga contains many incredible poses that strengthen and tone your abdominal zones. In Top 5 Yoga Poses For a Powerful Core you’ll learn that adding a few of these to your fitness regime could really make a difference to your core strength and help you develop far in your yoga and fitness practices.

1. Boat Pose
This is an all-round core conditioner. You will feel the effect on your abdominals as soon as you get into this pose. Not only does this pose build strength in your core, it stimulates your digestive system and strengthens your spine and hip flexors. Even more reason to get into boat pose regularly. For best results, hold for 5 deep breaths and repeat between 5 – 8 times.

2. Plank
The plank is a popular pose for strengthening the core and for great reason. Plank works the deep inner abdominal muscles and builds strength in the muscles of the back. Holding the plank requires you to engage all the main tummy muscles and if done regularly, you will notice incredible results. A strong but super effective pose, and if you hit up your local vinyasa yoga class you will do a ton of these!

3. Warrior lll

One of the many balancing poses in yoga, this one is loaded with a whole load of benefits. Holding this pose requires a lot of abdominal strength, so practising it regularly gives your core a great workout and tones your entire torso. It’s also great for improving balance and posture, which goes hand in hand with supporting and strengthening your core muscles. This balancing pose is a fun pose to try so if you fancy mixing up your core workout routine, why not hop into Warrior lll for a bit of variety?

4. Side Plank
While we are on the subject of planking, let’s talk about the side plank! The Side plank is one of the most effective poses to work your obliques and if you get into this pose you’ll feel just how hard your obliques are working. By practising the side plank, you are also working your quadratus lumborum (lower back) muscle which plays a big role in supporting your back.

5. Locust Pose
This is often looked at as more of a back strengthener, but you need your back to be strong to support your abdominals and vice versa.  This pose engages the muscles of the spine and gives your stomach muscles a fantastic stretch.

There are so many benefits to having a strong core and it’s not all about crunches to get there. Throw in some of these core strengthening yoga poses into your fitness program and start experiencing their superior advantages!

Kayleigh Alwill

Kayleigh is a certified Yoga teacher, long time Yoga practitioner, group fitness instructor and all round health and wellness enthusiast. Since completing her Yoga training in India, Kayleigh has developed a strong interest in Ayurveda and alternative medicine. She works with local mental health charities teaching meditation techniques and runs regular Yoga classes and workshops. You can find out more about her Yoga classes and workshops here:

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