Top 5 Health Benefits of Celeriac!

Celeriac also known as ‘rooted celery’ might not be at the top of your shopping list, however it should be! It’s very wholesome, satisfying and can be used in a range of different ways. With a peppery-like flavour that’s similar to celery it has however a slightly nuttier and sweeter taste so it can be incorporated into a wide variety of cuisines and dishes. If its unique earthy fragrance and versatility isn’t enough to tempt you, you should know there are some fantastic things about this vegetable that you might not have known before – so read on for our Top 5 Health Benefits of Celeriac!

1. Great for your blood
Vitamin K present in celeriac is one of the key contributors when it comes to your blood health as it supports your blood clotting mechanisms, preventing excessive bleeding and helping your wounds heal. Vitamin K also plays a vital role in bone health and can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis in your later, senior years.

2. Supports heart health
Celeriac is high in water-soluble fibre and therefore is effective at lowering cholesterol levels. People with higher cholesterol levels are more at risk of heart disease and diabetes so celeriac is a practical choice when it comes to maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system.

3. Helps protect from leukemia and cancer
Due to its positive effect on your blood and bones, the components found in celeriac have anti-cancer functions that help protect you against acute lymphoblastic leukemia and cancer.

4. Helpful for weight loss
Celeriac is very low in calories. Its high-water content and nutrient density means that you can fill up easily on this root vegetable without piling on the pounds!

5. Supports your cell metabolism
Phosphorous is a key nutrient found in celeriac which plays an important part in regulating your cell metabolism. An efficient cell metabolism helps with maintaining sufficient body temperature, getting rid of dead cells and the formation of new cells. Ideal in the colder months where your skin can get cold, dry and wrinkled easily.

Intimidated by its gnarly exterior? don’t be! Check out the video above on how to prepare celeriac simply and effortlessly. Pair it up with cumin for some exotic Asian flavours or grate it with carrot and onion to make a simple salad, celeriac can be used in a vast number of different ways; steamed, mashed, chipped and more! Feel free to try out some of the recipes and upload your picture on Instagram so we can see how you got along. Have something to share about this underrated vegetable? Comment below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. (Check out our other Top 5’s to help you Keep YOUR Fit ON!) 

Imogen Byers

Imi currently studies media and communication at Bournemouth University. She aspires to be a full-time health and fitness writer or travel journalist with the hopes of discovering as much as possible in the world of health and wellness. When she’s not studying or travelling, she can be found hitting it hard in the gym or making a mess in her kitchen trying out new recipes!

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