Top 5 Health Benefits of Buchu!

Spotted by its rough-edged leaves and star-shaped flowers, Buchu is harvested from the dried leaves of three kinds of Buchu Barosma plants. It’s a herb native to the fynbos family of South Africa’s Cape region. Fynbos refers to the myriad of plants grown along this stretch of mountainous land. There are quite a few of these plants – 652 different types, to be exact, 70% of which are unique to the region (to put this in proportion, the whole of Europe only has 20 different types). Buchu is one of the most well-known of all fynbos plants, used for centuries by the Khoikhoi people of Southern Africa as a traditional medicinal remedy. Curious, so were we, travel with us and explore our Top 5 Health Benefits of Buchu!

1. Remedy for UTIs
Antibiotics are the usual go-to treatment for urinary tract infections, but they aren’t always ideal, especially for those who regularly suffer from regular UTIs. The good news is, Buchu is a natural remedy for UTIs because it’s an effective antiseptic and mild diuretic. Having a cup of its soothing tea as opposed to popping pills? Yes, please.

2. Anti-inflammatory
Because of it’s naturally occurring antioxidant quercetin, the herb is a natural anti-inflammatory. The oil from it, in particular, has been used to successfully inhibit both acute and chronic inflammation and is effective in relieving the pain caused by arthritis.

3. Vitamin-packed
Stress can sometimes get the better of you, and when you’re run down, your body is more susceptible to viral infections like colds and flu. Buchu, containing vitamins A, B, and E as well as phytonutrients and minerals, is great at such times because it supports your immune system and blood circulation, helping to guard against those viral mobsters!

4. Detox Wonder
Okay so you clean the outside of your body once a day, (or less) but what about those innards? A natural detox is a gentle yet thorough way to cleanse your body internally, and Buchu is the perfect detox agent because it acts as a “sweeper”, helping your body to naturally rid itself of toxins.

5. Relieves nausea
Because it is a natural antispasmodic – a substance that relieves involuntary muscle spasms – and aids digestion, the herb provides effective relief from nausea and flatulence. Long used in its native land, South Africa, as a ‘babelaas’ (hangover) cure, rest assured Buchu’s got you covered after a big night out.

Buchu is pretty packed with all the good things to leave you feeling great. But how do you take it? Luckily, your hostess writing this very article is a South African that comes equipped with a couple of inspired ways. Buchu is available in capsule form, but its pepperminty, black currant-esque flavours can’t be appreciated this way. Instead, enjoy Buchu fully by mixing the dried leaves, or Buchu powder, into warm water with honey and ginger. You can also add it to water with some fruit for the perfect, health-giving summer refreshment! Tried buchu before, how did it help you? Let us know below,  join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter and Instagram. (See our other Top 5’s to help you easily Keep YOUR Fit ON!) 

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