Top 4 Beef Recipes from Muscle Food

Beef is considered to be the best form of meat when it comes to taste and tenderness. Muscle Food understands the value of beef and offers premium quality beef to their customers. They have all kinds of cuts, from steaks to minced meat and even succulent mince steaks. Their steaks are matured for 21 days for extra taste and tenderness and all the products are affordable. In addition, they do offer a Muscle Food discount code so that customers can receive discounts on their orders.

Muscle food has a wide range of beef products listed on their website to suit your requirements but today we will give you the names and brief descriptions of 4 of the best beef recipes you can get from Muscle Food to enhance your choice options.

1. Big Daddy Tomahawk Steak

Steaks are the most well-known beef product items that people consume. Muscle Food offers the Big Daddy Tomahawk Steak which is low in fat but high in protein which is helpful in gaining muscle.

This steak can be cooked on a grill or on a BBQ machine. This steak will cost you just £13.99 and once you cook it, the aroma will blow your mind.

2. The Heritage Range Rump Steaks

This unique steak from Muscle Food comes from some specified trusted farmers from the United Kingdom and Ireland. The meat is matured for 28 days and then the Muscle Food staff cut the steak for you. Moreover, these steaks are affordable for anyone, and cost just £14 and serve 8.

3. Beef Steak Mince

This minced beef comes from the steak trimming and has a high protein level as compared to other beef. This meat comes from all across Ireland and the United Kingdom. You can make beef recipes such as meatballs, burgers, and any other recipe from this minced beef and it will cost you just £2.88 for 4 servings. You can use the Muscle Food voucher code to get a discount.

4. Heritage Fillet Steaks

These steak cuts come directly from trusted farms in United Kingdom. These steaks are low fat as Muscle Food staff carefully remove all excess fat leaving a buttery texture.

These steaks could well suit special occasions, as well as for daily use as they are affordable in price at just £9 for 2 servings. This price can also be reduced simply by using the Muscle Food discount code.

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