Tennis: US Open – 5 Top Shots You Must See!

The US Open is the final Grand Slam of the season, and for many it’s one last chance to win a major tournament before the turn of the year. It is a tournament that has produced a greater variety of winners, most notably in the Men’s competition in recent times compared to the other 3 Grand Slams which have been dominated by Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic. Over the years it has produced some scintillating moves and this article will highlight these in Tennis: US Open – 5 Top Shots You Must See!

1. Federer vs Dabul (2010)

Now there are a whole host of sensational shots from the book of Federer and this article really could’ve just been a highlight real from the Swiss legend’s illustrious career.

This particular shot is just brilliance personified with Brian Dabul thinking that he had just lobbed Federer to win the point only to be beaten by a ‘tweener’ which completely sent the Argentine the wrong way.

All Dabul could do was just stand there and roll his eyes, probably thinking “yeah fair enough it is Federer after all”.

2. Agassi vs Corretja (1995)

Agassi seemed to be on the front foot after he lasered a forehand down the line in response to Corretja’s serve. However, Corretja was able to dig out a drop shot which drew Agassi to the net, his return was met with a perfectly placed lob deep at the back of the court.

Spectators thought that was the end of point…But out of nowhere Agassi produced a sensational over the head no-look shot, leaving Corretja smiling in disbelief.

3. Williams vs Svitlona (2019)

Serena Williams is hailed as one of the greatest tennis players ever and quite rightly so. She has won it all and much like Federer, there are plenty of moments to choose from.

This match from the 2019 US Open really highlights the experience and intelligence that has led her to become the Queen of the court on 23 different occasions (and that’s only including Grand Slams). Skip to 1:13.

4. Nadal vs Cilic (2019)

Rafael Nadal is the undisputed king of clay and arguably the greatest player of all time.  Although his clay court dominance is clear to see, his US Open success is somewhat underrated with the Spaniard winning it 4 times.

In 2019, Marin Cilic sent a smart volley across the court, leading to a long-busting run from Nadal all the way off the court. For many, returning this would be near impossible but Rafael Nadal makes the impossible possible. Against all odds he somehow whips a forehand around the net (yes, around not over!) to win the point leaving Tiger Woods roaring in celebration.

5. Federer vs Kyrgios (2018)

This article started with Federer and it’s only right that it ends with Federer. In a game against the controversial Kyrgios, Federer responded to a brilliant drop shot by flicking the ball around the net. The Swiss sensation left Kyrgios aghast in what was a very comical and relatable reaction to a shot not many could make.

Hopefully you enjoyed these highlights above, because I certainly did. There are plenty more shots where these came from, and we’re keen to see equally jaw-dropping shots continue at Flushing Meadows up to the closing date of 12th September!

Which tennis performances from the US Open have thrilled you the most so far? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

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