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Old But Strong

Title: Old But Strong Author: Ian Duckett Year: 2016 Publisher: BodyInDesign Publishing Synopsis: With 36 years’ of training experience and a long list of natural bodybuilding competitions behind him, Ian Duckett shares his knowledge of how to continue to make gains as you gradually ...

7 Top Reasons to use Weight Machines!

Opinions about weight machines are very diverse. Some love them and see many benefits of using them. Others almost condemn them and believe they have no place within a training program. In this article, we look at 7 Top Reasons to use Weight Machines to help achieve your goals! 1. Convenience ...

Carb Backloading: Does it really work?

Is carb backloading the new wonder dieting technique to getting that physique you’ve always dreamed of, read on to find out more about it. There are also couple of neat, thought provoking videos, so check them out too! Carb backloading is unlike many diets people use to get lean as it promotes ...

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