Total Boxer

Founded in 2012, Total Boxer are the pioneers of 'boutique boxing' incorporating the technical instruction of real boxing training, with high intensity cardio. In a nutshell, Total Boxer “specialise in removing the fear of boxing training and sharing its thrills in a safe and welcoming setting for ...

5 Top Smith Machine Exercises!

In gyms all around the world the Smith machine (a barbell fixed between steel rails, for vertical or off-vertical plane only movements) is an undervalued and misunderstood piece of equipment, especially when compared to its more revered elder-sibling; the barbell. However with a few minor ...

Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Squat Strength!

So we’re serious about building maximum strength and muscle. We know we must include barbell squats in our training, but is there any leg room for any training aids, devices or methods to potentially help us improve our squat performance? You bet there are! We’ll now look at Top 5 Ways to Boost ...

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