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How sugar affects your mental wellbeing

Most of us aren't happy with the way we look. Most of the time we look in the mirror wishing we were thinner but we find it impossible to cut out junk food and sugar that we know is contributing to our body’s issues. Sugar is one of the biggest health problems the world has ever seen but like ...

Carbohydrates the new dietary evil?

For a long time, dietary fat was deemed the enemy but in recent times it has become apparent that cutting down on fat has done very little for solving the obesity epidemic. This has led to people looking more closely at the role dietary fat plays in worsening our health and recently in 2010, a new ...

10 Top Tips to keep you motivated over winter

Winter blues getting you down?  Don't worry because here are 10 Top Tips to help keep you going strong! Invest in base layers. It’s cold, we know that so wrap up a little but not too much. One extra layer should do it to keep you warm but not too hot whilst facing the outdoors. Scarves are also ...

8 Hour fat loss

What if I told you you could get ripped and keep all your muscle tone by using an 8 hour day eating window technique? That's right, 8 hours!! But that means 8 hours a day. What do I have to do for 8 hours a day?? EAT, with no restriction……but what is the drawback? The sacrifice of fasting for 16 ...

Vitamin D The Sunlight Vitamin

There are many different supplements on the market that are suggested to improve exercise performance or the quality of one’s training and it can be difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff. Many of these do not have much evidence to support their claims or are unnecessary, presuming one is ...

Choosing Quality Exercise Equipment

It seems like almost every time you turn on the TV these days, there is an advert for some kind of gym, health club membership or exercise equipment. The latest and greatest treadmill or best all in one machines are advertised frequently. And why not? The simple fact is that people 'love' being ...

Jamaican trainer kid on Ellen!

Demarjay Smith, the well-spoken 8 year old Jamaican trainer kid is causing quite a stir and has become quite the viral video sensation! The youngest motivational fitness trainer in the world, Demarjay's got that star quality of confidence in spades along with the gifted ability to inspire others ...

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