Nutritional Yeast: 5 Delicious & Wholesome Vegan Recipes You’ll Love!

If you haven’t heard of nutritional yeast, check out our recent article: Nutritional Yeast (Nooch): Top 5 Health Benefits You Should Know, where you can learn about this interesting product and all the health benefits packed into it. The next step is to discover the tasty methods of actually using it. For that, my friends, you’ve come to the right place. Read on for Nutritional Yeast: 5 Delicious & Wholesome Vegan Recipes You’ll Love!

1. Mac and Cheese

Sometimes the vegan cheese substitutes you find in supermarkets just don’t quite cut it, leaving an artificial, plastic taste in your mouth. Here’s where nutritional yeast will work better instead.

Cook the macaroni until it is al dente, while making your vegan cheese sauce. In a saucepan, add margarine and onion and stir until the onion has softened. Next, add a small amount of flour and stir to combine to create your roux. Keep stirring as you add your plant milk, nutritional yeast, and some seasoning. As soon as the sauce thickens, it is ready to be mixed into the macaroni with any of your delicious, additional toppings!

2. Cheesy Jacket Potatoes

A family classic and delicious every time. Bake your jacket potato in the oven as normal, slice it open and spread a thin layer of margarine inside the potato.

Next, make your cheesy beans. Add a can of baked beans, a heaped tablespoon of nutritional yeast, paprika and black pepper to a pan and stir until the yeast has combined and the beans are warmed through. Now, spread this over the jacket potato with additional pepper and spring onions and garnish with coriander. Wow!

3. Crispy-Baked Tofu

Slice a block of firm tofu into ‘fingers’ and pat dry with a paper towel. Create a mixture of plain flour, nutritional yeast, salt, pepper, garlic, and onion granules. Thoroughly coat the tofu in this mix before baking in the oven until crispy. Enjoy with your favourite dip!

4. Pesto Pizza

This recipe couldn’t get any simpler. Spread a large dollop of pesto over your pizza base (you can even buy ready-made bases for extra convenience), top with a variety of vegetables before sprinkling over your nutritional yeast. Bake in the oven until the base is crispy. Buon appetito!

5. Cheesy Tofu Scramble

Tofu scramble is a vegan classic which can be enjoyed at breakfast or lunch. Crumble a pack of firm tofu into a frying pan with olive oil and stir until the tofu browns. Add in some onion, nutritional yeast, black pepper, turmeric, and garlic powder and continue stirring until the onions have softened and the seasoning is evenly distributed. Serve with bread for a healthy, high-protein meal.

These are just 5 recipes incorporating nutritional yeast to get you started! You’ll find it works well sprinkled over almost any savoury dish. What’s your favourite recipe using it? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Charlotte Ripley

Charlotte is a nutrition student at Newcastle University, aiming to pursue a career as a Nutritionist or Dietitian. She's been sporty from a young age and loves to run and go to the gym. A passion for healthy eating has organically followed this and now she's on her own vegan journey. Her other interests include reading and learning languages!

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