Instant Pot: 3 “Instapot” Recipes You’ll Love!

Instant pots –or “instapots” – are heavily trending on Instagram as well as YouTube right now! You should try your hand at some and share your mouth-watering results, try these 3 instapot recipes. All you need is your instant pot, or pressure cooker. If you don’t have one, no worries. Just get the biggest pot you can lay your hands on and put it on the stove at a medium heat, wrap a tea towel around the pot lid for an airtight seal.

Not only will these meals look amazing and colourful for your Instagram page, but they will also taste just as beautiful! Follow on for Instant Pot: 3 “Instapot” Recipes You’ll Love!

I have tried these three recipes many times, and they are officially always Keep Fit Kingdom winners. Additionally, all these recipes are vegan and take under just 30 minutes to cook!

1. Instapot Vegetable Stew

Onion, potatoes, carrots, green beans, courgette, sweet potato, celery, mushrooms and frozen peas – vegetables galore!

With its tasty tomato sauce with herbs and spices all in a vegetable stock with tapioca flour to thicken up the stew, this is a delicious, warming family meal. If you cannot manage to finish the pot, all of these recipes are fine to freeze and heat up later! Try this served with a chunky warm bread of your choice.

2. Instapot Chili

This creative vegan chili recipe is made up of chickpeas and kidney beans, walnut, spices and looks and tastes amazing topped with avocados!

3. Instapot Mushroom Risotto

If you love mushrooms as much as I do, this is the recipe for you! I always use more mushrooms than suggested, but that’s up to you! This recipe is a quick and easy one – and as a bonus it makes your home smell delicious! This cooks in only 20 minutes or a little longer if you choose brown over white rice. Remember to top your meals with cilantro, basil, or coriander, and send us your eye-catching Instagram photos. You could also try sprinkling vegan cheese over the top! This works deliciously on all 3 of these instant pot recipes.

Let us what you think of these instant pot recipes; tell us about your favourite combos in the comments below, and feel free to join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Rachel Stevens

Rachel is a Health Psychology Masters student at De Montfort University, specializing in physical exercise for better mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a passionate vegan as well as a long-time cardio-dance fitness devotee. Rachel wants to move into a career where she can encourage people to take up exercise which they will wholeheartedly delight in, as well as a diet which is healthy for both body and mind. Ultimately, she strives to address the growing mental health issues in our population through the route of a healthy lifestyle.

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