How to Stay Cool in the Heat on an E-Bike

For many, physical activity and summer can spell trouble, as staying cool in the heat is a challenge. Below in a hot minute, you’ll find a few tips for riding your e-bike when it’s hot.

Some of the simple joys of summer include longer days, warm sun, and outdoor activities. Many agree that riding bikes in the summer is a must-do activity, whether for leisure or fitness. However, when it comes to staying cool in the heat, there are a few things to consider so that you can avoid any health risks. With e-bikes growing in popularity, many turn to these as economical and environmentally friendly solutions. Continue on for How to Stay Cool in the Heat on an E-Bike!

Dress in Proper Gear

Wearing appropriate cycling gear is an essential aspect of commuting on an electric bike. Reflective garments, a helmet, and proper footwear are vital. When you commute in the summer, you should also consider moisture-wicking base layers or lightweight, 100% cotton regardless of your trip’s intent.

Hydration, Hydration, Hydration

An essential aspect of completing and recovering from a healthy workout is hydration. Everyone needs a specific amount of hydration throughout the day, but the quantity needed can fluctuate if you’re active and sweating in the heat.

Your pre-ride should consist of getting the necessary nutrition and hydration to ensure your safety while on the trip. Your post-workout should be full of rehydration and recovery stretches to help your body restore and replenish.

Consider a Shady Route

There are many parks and places with biking trails that provide shade. Consider these options when planning your ride out, and try your best to locate these places for any emergency needs. Riding your e-bike on a primarily shaded trail is an excellent way to stay cool in the heat.

Plan Your Trip Accordingly

Sometimes shade isn’t an option, or a specific time of day provides less shade than usual. Plan your biking trips around sunrise or sunset if you struggle to ride in hot temperatures. This plan can also reduce your sun exposure and enable you to ride in more user-friendly temperatures.

Consider Using a Sunblock

There are a few occasions where you may need additional sun care. Consider investing in a quality sunblock that works best for your lifestyle. This can aid in helping you avoiding severe burns and provide you some peace of mind while riding in the heat or enduring direct sun exposure.

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