Herbal Teas: 6 Exquisite Gifts to Buy Your Loved Ones this Christmas!

Now we’re getting deeper into winter, it’s officially the season to sit back, relax and savour those cosy nights at home by the fire, mug in hand. Herbal teas are an ideal gift to give to friends, family members and even that special someone to make those nights in extra toasty and warm. Keep reading to discover our carefully selected brands that offer gorgeous tea gift packages to place under the Xmas tree in Herbal Teas: 6 Exquisite Gifts to Buy Your Loved Ones this Christmas!

1. Roqberry

Inspired by her travels across Asia, Roqberry founder Kim Havelaar created the Roqberry brand to introduce these luxurious Middle Eastern teas into the Western demographic. Herbal, aromatic and teeming with audacious flavours, Roqberry teas are 100% natural, keeping those vitamins whole and hearty in every cup.

2. GreenMa

French brand GreenMa was created in 2015 with the intention of rediscovering the natural flavour of herbs and plants while simultaneously reaping the benefits of medicinal plants and teas. These organic teas are cleverly and innovatively designed with zero waste and their accessory products include glass tea infusers and cotton gift pouches.

3. Paper and Tea

Classy, modernistic tea brand Paper and Tea (P & T) are reinventing the herbal tea scene. Drawing inspiration from the Berlin tea culture, P&T promote the use of herbal teas and the role they play in a healthy and collected lifestyle. Individually packed in hand sewn cotton teabags, this quirky brand makes a great under the tree gift.

4. Offblak

Another trendy tea company to keep your eye on is Offblak. Revamping black tea with a mission to keep tea clean and clear but with flair and flavour. Striking in design, Offblak teas will light up your kitchen cupboards making the perfect gift for all those tea-loving creatives and youngsters. They even offer a stunning, yet affordable tea-based advent calendar for those that don’t wish to wait for the big day!

5. Good & Proper Tea

Based in London, Good and Proper Tea is a speciality tea supplier concentrating on loose leaf teas and tea bags. Simplistic yet impactful, Good and Proper walk the path of a sublime ideal – to make the basics good again. If you’re after teas which are less complex but still want the best of the basics – this is the range for you.

6. Rhoeco

Rhoeco is a word formation inspired by the Greek word ‘ροή’ [rhoē] -meaning flow-, ecology [eco] and cooperation [co]. A tribute to the ancient ideologies surrounding herbal remedies while modernising the tea dynamic. Centring their brand around health, well-being, and naturalism, Rhoeco uses natural processes to produce herbal teas that are light, earthy, and inspired by the elements.

Which exquisite tea blends among these brands mentioned above are you excited to try this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram! Love tea? So do we, check these out!

Krista Emilia

Krista is currently in training for the British stunt register with an extensive training background in snowsports, gymnastics and mixed martial arts. She is passionate about the changes sweeping the health and fitness industry having been a part of the process for 4 years working as a full-time food photographer and writer. Creative training and nutrition goes hand in hand for her so is her mission to share information with others about an active lifestyle in the pursuit of a happy and healthy future!

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