Ed Mylett: 3 Things You Can Learn from Him

Ed Mylett is a globally recognized entrepreneur, coach, and speaker. He started in the financial services industry, eventually earning a spot on the Forbes 50 Wealthiest Under 50 List. Since then, he has spearheaded a range of ventures, spanning technology, real estate, health, nutrition, and more.

Ed is the best-selling author of #MaxOut Your Life, and the new book “The Power of One More”. He has grown his online audience to more than 3 million followers in just four years. Ed also regularly inspires audiences ranging from small gatherings to mega-venues of 50,000+ attendees, and online audiences in the hundreds of thousands.

This past week, I watched Ed Mylett’s interview with Ryan Hawk entitled “Building Confidence, Asking The Right Questions and Maxing Out Your Life”. In this video, Ed Mylett delves a little deeper into his life, and talks about self-confidence, being curious and reaching your maximum potential. Follow on for Ed Mylett: 3 Things You Can Learn from Him!

1. You Don’t Always Know the People Around You Like You Think You Do

In explaining this point, Ed Mylett takes the audience back to the time in his life when his father was an alcoholic. His father’s alcoholism was so bad to the extent that his mother gave his father an ultimatum to either quit drinking or she would leave him.

As a result, his father ended up quitting drinking. Anytime, Ed asked if his father would go back to drinking, he would always respond with, “I will not drink for one more day”. This led to Ed to forming his ‘One more’ philosophy and it served as a catalyst for change in his life.

However, Ed did not know the full truth about his father. He only discovered it after his father passed away. It was when his father passed away that he found out his father was helping other people with their sobriety.

Ed Mylett discovered this when he was clearing the boxes from his father’s room and discovered packs of index cards. On these index cards were people’s initials written on them along with their sobriety ‘one more’ birthday. His father did not just stop there, he used to be on late calls with people reminding them to be sober, he used to message other people to remind them of their sobriety and there were even instances his father had to pull them out of bars to help them with their sobriety.

2. Everything is Temporary

Ed Mylett lives by the words written in Napoleon Hill’s classic book “Think and Grow Rich”, “On the other side of whatever adversity you’re facing, if you can survive temporary pain, on the other side you get to meet the other side of yourself.”

Ed sees the pain and suffering you’re going through and the sweat and tears you’re putting into working as just temporary. He believes it won’t last forever as there is a brighter side at the end of what you’re going through. As a result, Ed believes that you should not make permanent decisions based on your current, temporary circumstances.

Ed also highlights that meeting that other side of yourself leads to a new life. This is because you’ve overcome the temporary setbacks or survived the temporary circumstances that you went through. This has now led to a stronger, and wiser you. It has also created a new life where things are much better aligned, harmonized and in place.

3. Not Being Curious is a Bad Thing

Ed believes that not being curious is a ridiculous way to grow or live your life. He believes that there is so much to learn so placing yourself in a position to not be curious serves as a deterrent for you.

In the interview, he revealed that he used Uber frequently because he loved talking and interacting with new people. He even gave the example of a Lebanese Uber driver he met and he learnt that he has two kids at Ivy League universities (one at Harvard and the other at Yale) and the other one at Stanford University. He was so engrossed in the conversation that he started asking the driver to tell him about his family and kept stalling because he did not want the ride to end.

He also gave another example where he commended Ryan Hawk for doing his research about him before he came on the show – Ryan asked him about a part of his life that might not have been so commonly known (about his father’s index cards).

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