Cowboy Hats: The Charm & Aura of Wearing Them in 2022!

Cowboy hats are supposed to be the most popular and iconic Western clothing accessory. A cowboy hat reflects your unique personality and love for Western culture and style. It is a good idea to learn about the history of cowboy hats and the different kinds of cowboy hats around. You may choose the perfect cowboy hat to suit your personality and lifestyle. The perfect cowboy hat is waiting to be picked up, by you!

According to Wikipedia, the evergreen cowboy hat is essentially a wide-brimmed, high-crowned hat that is a mandatory wardrobe accessory for North American cowboys.

The cowboy hat is the preferred choice of several people and is a hot favorite among ranch workers in the southern and western United States, Northern Mexico, and Western Canada. Moreover, cowboy hats are in great demand among Sertanejo and Mexican music performers and even those participating in North American rodeo circuits. A cowboy hat is an integral part of old western apparel and culture. Curious? Then follow on for Cowboy Hats: The Charm & Aura of Wearing Them in 2022!

Choosing the Perfect Cowboy Hat to Take Your Style to the Next Level

The perfect cowboy hat depends chiefly on personal preferences, individual personality, and overall lifestyle.

Shopping for your ideal cowboy hat to suit the shape of your face is a tried-and-tested way of identifying the most suitable cowboy hat for you. You may come across some of the best cowboy hats online.

Today, top hat brands are available online so that you can complete the shopping process comfortably and conveniently from the privacy of your home. Here are some tips to identify the perfect cowboy hat for your unique requirements.

Focus on Choosing the Perfect Cowboy Hat Style that Best Compliments Your Head or Facial Shape

Individuals with oval-shaped facial structures may wear any cowboy hat. However, individuals with round faces may prefer to wear a cowboy hat having a tall crown and a slanted brim. Individuals with narrow and long faces may look their best while wearing a hat that has a medium-height crown.

Square-Faced Individuals May Choose Cowboy Hats with Curved Brims and Round Crowns

If your face appears heart-shaped, buy a hat with a shorter brim, and a crown that looks like a teardrop. Take accurate measurements of your head to achieve the right fit. Today you have access to hat size charts published by top brands or manufacturers of hats. These size charts are reliable. However, it is best to use a measuring tape to determine the perfect hat size for you so that it fits your head snugly.

The perfect fit may seem like a custom-tailored expensive hat. To determine the correct size for you, you need to strategically place the measuring tape at the mid-forehead to ensure that it is just above the ears. Hold it in place with a firm hand and gradually wrap the measuring tape all around the head. In case the required hat measurements are in between the given hat sizes, it is best to opt for the smaller size.

Tips for Following Cowboy Hat Etiquette

1. If you are confused about the alignment of your hat, an easy trick is to locate the bow on the sweatband. Every cowboy hat has a band that wraps around the inside that helps capture sweat before it trickles down. For convenience, most manufacturers place a small bow on this sweatband. The thing to remember is that this bow must always be on the rear side, that is, the back of your head.

2. A cowboy hat is not unlike other gear and apparel – it may be stiff and tight at first, but once broken in, it will be incredibly comfortable and a splendid fit. Breaking in will take some time and wear, but you should not be disheartened by the fit or comfort if you are just starting to wear a new hat, especially one that was fitted to your size.

3. You must remove your hat when you are indoors. For formal or casual occasions, custom dictates that all hats be removed when you enter a building or a home. That said, you can make a decision based on what you know about the event.

4. Hats should be stored properly when not in use. You should hang it on a rack, or place it crown-side down on a flat surface to ensure the brim is not damaged or flattened. Even if you are wearing your hat indoors, the tradition is to take it off before sitting at the dinner table.

5. When you are at a somber occasion like a funeral or a wedding, you must remove your cowboy hat as a sign of respect. Hats are worn to feel better and more confident and not to steal the spotlight even when you are not the focus of the event.

6. Cowboy hats, and straw hats in general, tend to be seasonal wear worn from May to the Labor Day weekend or so. It will likely be more appropriate and comfortable to choose a felt hat for the rest of the year. Of course, this too is subject to the specific occasion, the local climate, and the immediate weather conditions.

Remember that felt hats look dressier while straw hats are best for daily wear. Always choose a style that compliments your overall looks and personality and doesn’t overwhelm you. Choose a hat as per your unique requirements and measurements. Like the idea of wearing a cowboy hat? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitterInstagram!

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