Coffee: 8 Popular Types You’ve Got to Try!

Millions of people around the world start their mornings at home with a cup of coffee. It is one of the top commodities on the planet with exports amounting to nearly 10 million sacks of coffee a year! The flexibility of the drink is just one of the reasons why it’s so popular. You can enjoy your it plain and simple, add chocolate or caramel to it, have it ice cold or piping hot, and even mix it with ice cream. The basic cup of black you enjoy every morning is good, but there are other ways you can enjoy your cuppa joe too. Curious? Then read on for, Coffee: 8 Popular Types You’ve Got to Try!

1. Frappuccino

A Frappuccino is made by blending ice and other ingredients with coffee. It is then topped with whipped cream for a luxurious touch. This has to be one of the most popular types of coffee available at the moment.

2. Coffee Americano

This can be made quite quickly at home by simply adding some hot water to a shot of espresso coffee. It is believed that the soldiers in WWII made this type of coffee to make their drinks last a bit longer. It was then copied by American baristas after the war had ended.

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3. Cappuccino 

This is probably the most popular type of coffee in the world. A cappuccino has three layers (a little bit like a cake). First, a shot of espresso is added to the cup, second, a shot of steamed milk is added, and then finally, a layer of frothy milk is placed on top. Many people choose to top this drink with chocolate powder or chocolate shavings. This type was traditionally consumed by Italians at breakfast.

4. Café Latte (Café au lait)

This is another popular type of coffee. A latte is made by adding coffee to steamed (or boiling hot) milk. Café latte is a frothy type of coffee, which often gets confused for a flat white one.

5. Macchiato (Piccolo Latte)

A macchiato is a shot of coffee topped with frothy milk placed directly into the mug or cup. Although you may think that this sounds similar to a regular cappuccino, it’s usually a lot stronger and smaller. This drink is typically served in an espresso style cup.

6. Mochaccino

A Mochaccino (mocha) is a basic latte that has chocolate or syrup added to it. It is then topped with delicious whipped cream. This is perfect for beginner coffee connoisseurs as it’s not too strong. It’s a cross between a café latte and a hot chocolate. What’s not to like?

7. Vienna

Not as many people have heard of this one, but it’s relatively easy to make. A Vienna is produced by mixing two shots of extremely strong espresso and then topping it with whipped cream. The cream is added as a substitute for sugar and milk. The Vienna coffee combines the strong taste of espresso with the smoothness of cream and sugar.

8. Affogato

Okay, so this one might not actually be a drink, but it still tastes good. An Affogato is a shot of espresso coffee that is poured over the top of a desert (normally ice cream). It’s delicious!

Regardless of why you’re drinking coffee, what’s important is how it smells, tastes, and whether or not it makes you feel happy and alert in the morning. That being said, most people have their favorite type. Which will you be trying next? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. If you want to make a super Americano coffee check this out, and here are some delicious foodie ideas to accompany your cuppa joe to keep your taste buds alive even during the lockdown!

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