A Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Your Life’s Purpose

Most people think that if you have a successful career, a loving family, a stable financial status, and a wide social network, you’re already living the perfect life. But, for some people, even if they’ve already achieved such successes, they still feel empty and unhappy as they feel that there’s still something missing in their lives. And, no, it’s not about being unsatisfied with one’s status, but knowing in their gut that there’s something else they need to do.

Finding your life’s purpose can be difficult, as there are plenty of things you could try before finally getting a hold of it. Some people might even go online and ask search engine questions like ‘how did I die in my past life‘ just to know what it is they need to do in order to feel fulfilled and contented in their current lives. Here’s our Step-By-Step Guide to Finding Your Life’s Purpose!

1. Surround Yourself with the Right People to Find Your Purpose

One of the biggest influences in your life are the people around you. If you’re surrounded by people who always speak negatively or just always contradict what you’re trying to say, you might have difficulty finding your purpose in life as you feel that everything’s wrong as it doesn’t live up to what they think is right. To give yourself a clear path, you should surround yourself with the right kind of positive people.

Being around a positive tribe encourages you to explore your life further and to find your true purpose. These would be the people who’ll motivate you to do anything you want as long as it helps to fill your tank, doesn’t harm anyone or yourself, and makes you happy. Moreover, if they’re also providing positive change to the world, it might motivate you to do the same and follow in their footsteps.

2. Take Control of Your Life 

Admittedly, some people aren’t in control of their lives even if they’re already above 18. Not because their parents still control them, but because they don’t allow themselves to be free. This could stem from the fear of disappointing their own selves or others, or they may feel that they’re not doing enough to make themselves successful. This is a toxic box to be trapped in, and you should always free yourself from this box.

To help you find your life’s purpose, you should take control of your life and forget what other people will think about you if you try to do things they disapprove of. If you constantly trap yourself within other people’s opinions, you’ll never be happy and be only limited to doing things they think are right, not what you genuinely want.

3. Meet New People

Finding your purpose in life can be difficult, especially if you’re only limited to doing that you know. It can be hard to explore new things if there are no people who can help introduce them to you. To expand your knowledge and horizons, meeting new people is a must.

When it comes to meeting new people, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you ought to become close friends with them. You could begin with a small conversation while waiting for your turn at a meetup or just pop a question to someone who’s not too busy. You’ll be surprised to see how different people keep themselves occupied, which can help motivate you to learn what they do and, hopefully, bring the spark back in your life.

4. Learn New Skills

There’s a great chance that what you already know isn’t your true purpose in life. That means that you need to keep learning and finding out what things make you truly happy.

There are plenty of new skills you could try all around you. You may dip your toes into arts and crafts, cooking, writing, or financial management. Moreover, if you’re trying to learn a new skill that’ll require you to purchase materials, such as painting tools or knitting materials, it’ll be great to begin with starter kits so that you could see if it sparks joy in you or if it’s just something you’d like to do during your free time.

5. Find Out What Bothers You

Some people find purpose in fighting for what they think is right. To see if this is your purpose, you should see what things bother you and look for ways you can fight for them. While it might be more out of the box, or beyond your usual habits, going out of your comfort zone can really help you find your life’s purpose.

There are plenty of things that you could consider that are worth fighting for. It could range from saving the environment, reducing food waste, saving wildlife, advocating for civil rights, or even encouraging substance abusers to go through therapy to help make the world a better place while also freeing them from their destructiveness.

After finding the thing that truly bothers you, you can start small and see if the change you make makes you feel fulfilled.

6. Give Back

A great way to help find your life’s purpose is by giving back to those who are in need, such as charities and organizations that need extra help from others. There’s no better feeling than knowing that you’re able to help other people, those who have no one else to run to, and be their knight in shining armor as you help make their life more bearable and comfortable.

You can begin by donating to charities. You can also teach young folks for free and give them the chance to get an education or learn new skills. You can even do volunteer work, such as building houses, cooking for the needy, or anything your locality needs help with. With just a small act, you’ll be surprised how big an impact you can make, which can help make the world a better place, one step, and one day at a time.

Finding your life’s purpose can be challenging. But with the right peers, environment, and determination, you should be able to find that one thing that genuinely fulfills your heart and soul. You can try learning new skills, meet new people, fight for what’s right, and give back to others until you find that one great reason why you exist in this world.

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Jennifer Dawson

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