6 Things to Do in Barcelona in a Day

When visiting Barcelona, you should try to see as much as you can of what the city has to offer. Whether you’ve been there before or this is your first time visiting, you can cram in a lot of adventure and sightseeing, from breathtaking churches to enchanted fountains!

By combining a number of activities and destinations into a single day to optimise your Barcelona city break experience, we’ve created a suggested daily schedule in this article, so let’s get going! 6 Things To Do In Barcelona In A Day – A Detailed Itinerary!

1. Things To Do In Barcelona In A Day: Placa de Catalunya

Located right in the heart of Barcelona, Plaça de Catalunya, also known as Plaza de Cataluña, is a great site to start or end an exploration day. Located in the centre of Barcelona, this square is a great place to sit on a bench and see the varied mix of visitors and locals that pass by. It’s a terrific place to feel the pulse of the city, and appreciate Spain. Take in the stunning fountains that are situated in the square. On certain evenings, a captivating show of vibrant lights illuminates them. Major retail avenues such as Rambla de Catalunya, Portal de l’Àngel, and Passeig de Gràcia encircle Plaça de Catalunya.

Look through the local boutiques and stores for clothing, trinkets, and other items. Famous Antoni Gaudí creations Casa Batlló and Casa Milà, as well as the Gothic Quarter and La Rambla, are all conveniently accessible from the square. Savour the entertainment offered by street artists, singers, dancers, and living sculptures, who frequently display their talents in the area.

Plaça de Catalunya is the starting point for a lot of sightseeing bus tours. For an independent exploration of Barcelona’s sights, think about hopping on a hop-on-hop-off bus trip. Around the plaza, there are several cafes and restaurants where you may stop for a quick bite to eat or have a leisurely meal while soaking in the vibrant environment.

2. Things to Do in Barcelona in a Day: Casa Batlló

It is certain that when you visit Barcelona, you will see some of the marvels that Anton Gaudi left behind. And one of his most well-known residences, Casa Batlló, is fully accessible for public viewing. There is an entrance fee, much like at many other Barcelona tourist attractions, however, you can save time by making your reservation online. An audio commentary explaining the history of the building’s construction and all of its highlights will be given to you. It’s important to keep in mind that this is a very popular location and can only hold a limited number of people at once when making travel plans to Barcelona. If at all possible, arrive early in the day.

3. Things to Do in Barcelona in a Day: Sagrada Familia

Any itinerary for a day in Barcelona will undoubtedly include this amazing towering structure because it is a chance to visit one of the most stunning buildings in the world. Actually, just stop by this building if you don’t see anything else. Nothing can quite prepare you for what lies within Gaudi’s masterpiece. While admission is not inexpensive, you will be making a positive impact on a portion of real history as your money is going towards the ongoing construction of this amazing structure.

The Sagrada Familia has a timed admission system, which means you have to purchase tickets for a specified time window because of the crowds. It is highly recommended that you complete this online prior to your visit, as it is unlikely that you will be able to show up and secure the time slot of your choice.

4. Things to Do in Barcelona in a Day: Gothic Quarter

For many visitors, this is one of the best parts of Barcelona, and is worth taking the time to explore. Nearly entirely pedestrianised, this quarter is just one crazy mess of tiny winding streets, stuffed full of history and opportunities for aimless wandering. There is lots to see, from the World heritage listed Palau de la Musica, to the spectacular Gothic cathedral, to the Picasso Museum. You could literally spend days wandering in this maze, and you just might if you lose your bearings.

This is also a place stuffed full of eateries, so a good option for lunch or dinner stops, and then you can spend time indulging your inner tourist up and down the street known as La Rambla (Barcelona’s most famous street), and exploring the Mercat de la Boqueria, Barcelona’s most popular market.

5. Things To Do in Barcelona in a Day: Park Guell

Originally intended to be a garden house development, this expansive garden complex is located a little north of Barcelona’s downtown. Although only two of the sixty dwellings were ever constructed, the park nonetheless serves as an amazing exhibition of Gaudi’s abilities and concepts. Although it’s worth seeing, expect a lot of crowds. It also provides breathtaking views of Barcelona. It is a little diversion from the city centre, but well worth making the effort.

6. Things To Do In Barcelona in a Day: Castell Montjuic and Grounds

Take a bus from the city centre or enjoy a picturesque journey on the Montjuïc Cable Car from the harbour by travelling to Castell de Montjuïc. Stunning views of Barcelona may be seen during the trip. As soon as you get there, you can choose to take a self-guided tour or go around the castle independently. Offering in-depth explanations of the castle’s significance and history, as well as its part in several historical events, guided tours are frequently offered.

You can have a picnic on the castle’s grounds, which feature gardens, terraces, and a number of old buildings, at any time of the day. For even more breathtaking vistas, take a stroll around the fortress walls. Additionally, if history interests you, think about visiting the castle’s Military Museum.

Here, you may view exhibitions with weapons, uniforms, and artefacts from various eras and discover more about Barcelona’s military past. However, don’t forget to confirm the hours of operation as well as any special occasions or exhibitions taking place at Castell de Montjuïc when you’re there. Have fun discovering this charming and historic location!

This schedule can be tailored to your interests and tastes, of course, but it should give you a fair grasp of some of the best experiences and sites Barcelona has to offer. Savour your day in this lively, stunning city!

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