4 Pieces of Luxurious Gym Equipment for the Ultimate Home Workout

We’ve found the ideal collection of lavish exercise equipment and gym accessories for anyone who wants to give their exercise program a boost. These stylish pieces combine sporty aspirations with smart design to fulfill your athletic needs, while also helping to produce an equally intense workout.

Follow on below to discover some of the most lavish items to help you keep fit and healthy in 4 Pieces of Luxurious Gym Equipment for the Ultimate Home Workout!

1. Staying Hydrated & Looking Good

Hydration is essential, whether you’re following classes online at home, exercising outside, or both. Quality water bottles are great for staying hydrated while complementing your chic lifestyle.

Hydro Flask Bottles are one of the biggest deals currently hitting the social media scene, these sturdy-yet-minimalist double-walled hydro flasks are made for daily use and also help reduce the need for single-use plastics. Visit ssense.com to pick up one of these elegant bottles that are made of double-layered stainless steel to prevent moisture buildup and keep your drinks cool for a full day (or warm for up to twelve hours).

2. Hydrow Rower

The Hydrow Rower is one of the ultimate fitness systems that you may want to think about purchasing for your home gym. It will fit neatly into any space because of its streamlined, and compact design. The premium parts used in the construction of this rower mean that you’ll get one of the best workouts for many years to come.

With its own 22′′ full HD screen, you can easily follow streamed or recorded video exercises without needing to move from the rower. It can also pair with Bluetooth speakers or headphones if you want to enter your own world of rowing. So describing this as merely ‘smart’ just doesn’t do it justice. It goes without saying that this will become your new, go-to exercise machine!

3. Work Out with Dior

In order to release a limited-edition line of home workout equipment, the French fashion label Dior teamed up with the Italian company Technogym for a set of equipment that you definitely won’t find inside your average gym.

The trio of products, which combines the best of fashion and sport, comprises a user-friendly treadmill, a fitness ball that has a non-slip bottom, and a multipurpose weight rack. Every item of gear in this chic range is individually adorned with recognizable hallmarks of the French brand, like the lucky star created by fashion icon, Christian Dior.

With a name like Dior behind it, you can be sure that this collection will have your heart racing in more ways than one.

4. Tangram LED Smart Rope

With the help of this ‘smart’ jump rope, you can handily intensify your cardio training. The LED model of Tangram Factory’s Smart Rope combines sleek style with cutting-edge technology, and it contains 23 integrated LED lights coupled with magnetic sensors. As you skip, the futuristic design shows your fitness information, enabling you to easily monitor your training intensity.

Everyone should be able to find something to pique their interest on this list. While some of these goods may appear prohibitively expensive, you can be sure that they will liven up every gym session and draw attention wherever you set them up. By pairing style and exercise, you can feel good while looking good too. Why not spend for great stuff, you’re worth it and ponder for a moment the image in which you are made!

Fancy indulging your workouts with something a bit special when it comes to rowing or, skipping for example? Which of the items above would you love to try out? Let us know in the comments below and on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Jennifer Dawson

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