3 Keys to Living a Purposeful Life

Life. At some point in it, we might have asked ourselves these questions; why am I here? What is the reason behind my existence? What is my purpose? These questions keep creeping into our minds until we find the correct answer to attain inner peace. 

By correct answer, I mean one that upholds the natural instinctive nature of humans to do what is right and stay away from evil. If we act against our natural predisposition, we tend to get perplexed, and we may not get the fulfillment our soul craves until we return to our natural state of purity and innocence. Intrigued? Then continue on for 3 Keys to Living a Purposeful Life!

In the quest to find oneself, many people have taken up clothes that do not fit their style, image, or personality. But because everyone is wearing it, and because it looks good on others, they decide to wear it too. 

This means we do what others do regardless of our personalities and values; we disregard our own uniqueness, what makes us special and who we are, to seek fulfillment and acceptance in and from others. Knowing our purpose and the reason for our existence will guide our actions and put us on the right pathway in life.

1: Faith in God

This is a sensitive area for many people, but this topic cannot be omitted when discussing life’s purpose or meaning. We all seem to have different perspectives on the existence of a supreme being, but the truth is that nothing in this life has happened by mere coincidence. 

People of faith believe that humankind was created to worship only one God, the creator of the universe and the Lord of all that exists, and the resources on earth are here to aid humans in their living and worship.

Belief in God gives purpose and meaning to our lives. It helps us deal with the struggles and displeasures of this world, and it prepares us for eternal happiness. To get eternal happiness, we have to believe in and follow the messages sent by God. This gives us our purpose in life, and we work to reach our ultimate goal: eternal bliss and happiness.

Belief in God gives our heart tranquility and the fulfillment it seeks, and it is only in the remembrance of the Lord that the heart truly finds peace.

2: Be Yourself

Being yourself promotes high self-esteem. We are often engrossed with being on par with this seemingly chaotic world that we forget ourselves. We are in that career because it is more recognized or pays more, we are doing something because that is generally accepted, and if we do otherwise, we are seen as an outcast. 

Have we ever considered our happiness, whether what we are doing is right by our values and principles, and who we are? Even if we are similar in creation, no two humans are exactly alike. We all have different paths to follow, different ideas, and different ways of thinking, so why do we allow ourselves to get pressured by the paths and journeys of others? 

Be yourself and walk in your shoes. We have all been blessed with gifts that make us unique; search within your soul and find what you have always loved, find that which brings you happiness and make it your life’s purpose. 

No one human is better than another, and no one’s journey is better than another’s, neither is any career the best. Walk on your path and discover your greatness. We can all contribute to the success of our society.

3: Give Back to Society During Your Life

Our society has helped our growth and development in more ways than we think; we get education from our societies, healthcare, build successful businesses, socialize and network. We can show gratitude by extending the hand of goodness to develop our societies and help those in need.

Kindness makes the world go round. There is no good in hoarding our wealth, skills and knowledge. When we give out from our knowledge and wealth, and any good we share, we get goodness and inner peace and protect ourselves from greed. 

Knowing that you have abundant wealth and the people around you benefit from it means living a purpose-filled life. Finally, living a life of purpose is having a goal, developing your character to fit your plan and working towards achieving your goal. 

If you know and believe in the existence of a supreme being; you find yourself, know your strengths and weaknesses, and work towards improving yourself and succeeding in them. Then you show love and extend kindness to those around you, this shows you are indeed living a life with and on purpose. 

We will be in this world for a while, and the best legacy we can leave behind is the good for which we will be remembered. We should show gratitude for our blessings and cherish the little moments we spend with our family and loved ones. 

Living is setting a good legacy that precedes us and ensures the generations to come will benefit from our labors. The reward for good is always good.

Roheemah Adebayo

Roheemah Adebayo, is from Nigeria, but currently lives in the UK. She studied Public Health as a first degree in Abu Dhabi, and did her Master’s degree also in Public Health in the UK. She is passionately interested in health promotion and well-being. She loves to encourage positive attitudes and behaviour which she believes are essential for a successful future.

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