Top 10 latest health foods out now!

New products are hitting the shelves all the time so if you think there is a healthy food you’d fancy in your life, trust me it’s likely already out there somewhere. Checkout (no pun intended) 10 of the best and latest health foods out now!

1. Vegetable spaghetti

The most famous of the veg spaghetti family is without a doubt the courgetti. Courgetti is the collective term for spirals of courgette which basically make up what looks like a bowl of spaghetti.

I know it sounds a bit crazy and when I first heard about this I thought there’s no way it can beat a hearty bowl of pasta. But don’t knock it until you try it. I gave it a whirl and it really does fill you up like pasta but without the bloating!

Tesco have just released a range of vegetable spaghetti including carrot and butternut squash versions too. For people like me who limit their starchy carbohydrate intake, these are a saviour.

2. Cauli rice

As above, cauliflower here disguises itself as a pasta.

Cauli rice is just cauliflower that has been blitzed in a food processor. You can make it yourself by doing exactly that and then frying it for a few minutes with some oil, but if you are in a hurry or you want to try a different variation, Tesco now sell Mediterranean Cauli rice as well as Pilau rice

The pouches are microwaveable too so I find them really handy to take to work. Again, the ‘rice’ really does fill you up like normal pasta and makes you feel like you’re eating a proper meal rather than a bit of veg.

3. Frozen avocado

If you’re a regular eater of the awesome avocado like I am, you’ll know how soul destroying it is when you only end up eating half of one because the flesh of the other half has gone rotten after a couple of days.

You feel like you’re endlessly buying avocados because they ripen so easily and go off so quickly. Although it is frustrating you put up with it because you know how nutritious they are for you. Well put up with it no more!

Tesco now sell frozen halves of avocado in a pack. I know, it’s really incredible, why someone didn’t think of this before? At only £2.50 for 500g that’s great value and the best thing is you no longer have to put up with mouldy leftover avocado, plus it’s perfect for throwing into smoothies.

4. Nakd Nibbles

Nakd bars have long gotten me through those days where I just needed a sweet fix. Their amazing bars are made with just fruit and nuts, usually squashed dates which is why they are so sweet, and have no added sugars. They are also wheat, gluten and dairy free!

Nakd now have a delicious range of ‘Nibbles’ which come in little packets perfect for your lunch box or on-the-go.

They come in a variety of flavours like coconut bliss, salted caramel and fruit salad. I’ve tried them myself and trust me you will want to store them up in your cupboards for when you want a little treat. They are found in Holland and Barrett, large Boots stores and other supermarkets.

5. Umami paste

Umami is a bit of a mystery because it isn’t classified as any of our main taste sensations.

It’s not sweet, salty, sour or bitter. It’s the flavour that naturally occurs in salty foods like soy sauce and parmesan and is used as an alternative to salt in recipes. That’s why it’s especially helpful if you suffer from high blood pressure.

It’s easiest to think of it as a seasoning and it can now be bought in several supermarkets including Sainsbury’s in the form of a paste. Some are even suitable for vegetarians!

6. Thorntons ‘Revelations’

Thorntons have recently released their new range of ‘Revelations’ chocolate boxes that aim to ‘bridge the gap’ between their diabetic chocolates and regular sugar-laden chocolate.

‘Revelations’ are made with 30% less sugar and no artificial sweeteners. These would be perfect as gifts or for those times you want to indulge without facing the horrible feeling of sugar overload later on. They have several flavours including Lime and Chilli, Mocha Coffee and you can get them in both milk and dark options. Dig in!

7. Nut butters with coconut

I’m a huge fan of Meridian nut butters and I always have a tub of peanut butter and almond butter at home ready to add onto pancakes and porridge.

Their nut butters are made with 100% nuts without any added nasties. For most of us, coconut lovers too, anything that has coconut in makes us jump for joy so get ready to jump because Meridian have a brand new range of nut butters with coconut in them!

You can now get your hands on either peanut and coconut or almond and coconut. I have a feeling this is going to be a new taste sensation and I can’t wait to try one.

8. Kellogg’s ‘Ancient Legends’

People are generally a lot more clued up now about the fact that granola and cereals aren’t necessarily healthier for you and there can be lots of hidden sugars in them.

Kellogg’s have taken the next step in giving us healthier cereal bowls by releasing the ‘Ancient Legends’ range. The range, sold in Asda, is an intriguing cereal made up of ‘Quinoa, Apple, Cranberry & Chia Seeds’ as well as a granola and a cereal version with their own healthy twists.

Make sure to still read the labels and check the sugar content but these definitely look like a viable alternative to a normal sugary breakfast bowl.

9. BFree Quinoa and Chia Seed Wraps

You have probably heard of gluten free wraps before but now BFree have invented some new ones that contain quinoa and chia seeds which are rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acids.

Great if you want to get a bit more fibre into your diet and want to mix things up from your usual sarnie. With so many fillings to try, wraps are an easy way to keep your healthy lunch yummy and interesting.

10. Coconut syrup

Found in specialist health food stores and online, coconut syrup is a step up from your usual maple syrup or agave nectar because it’s made from 100% coconuts with nothing else!

We know that coconuts have a wealth of nutritional benefits so this is just one more way that you can (literally!) squeeze some coconuts into your life. This syrup has a distinct taste that goes well with all desserts but the only downside is it isn’t available yet in the major supermarkets.

I hope these foods have inspired you to make healthier choices next time you shop and don’t forget you can find lots of recipes in magazines and online that include many of them. Happy, fun shopping!

Safia Yallaoui

Safia is a lifestyle blogger and coach at the fitness membership company MoveGB. She also has an MA in journalism and has done a variety of freelance work in print, radio and online. After losing 14lbs a few years ago Safia got into health and fitness realising the most important thing about clean eating is nourishing your body. She loves to keep in shape with weight training and going to fitness classes. Whilst training to be a Nutritional Therapist she is learning how to alleviate health problems by including or omitting certain foods and has a keen interest in the affects of sugar on a person's physical and mental health.

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