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Strength Training: Undulated Periodization

Periodization has been performed for years by bodybuilders, and usually it's the Matveyev Linear method that's used by bodybuilders and athletes. But what if I told you there was an even better periodization program to improve performance and muscle gains? Follow on for Strength Training: Undulated ...

Bodybuilding Legends – Tom Platz

"The Quadfather", "Quadzilla", and "The Golden Eagle" were all nicknames given to Tom Platz, one of the most distinct and charismatic characters in competitive bodybuilding history. A Mr. Universe winner and seven times Mr Olympia competitor, this unique bodybuilder took leg development to a whole ...

5 Top Smith Machine Exercises!

In gyms all around the world the Smith machine (a barbell fixed between steel rails, for vertical or off-vertical plane only movements) is an undervalued and misunderstood piece of equipment, especially when compared to its more revered elder-sibling; the barbell. However with a few minor ...

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