8 Colourful Superfood Lattes You Should Try!

What’s the deal with the colourful lattes we’re seeing at all our favourite coffee shops? Is it seriously ok to drink such bright, almost fluorescent concoctions? The answer is yes. Rich in nutritional value, these botanical lattes can provide a healthy jump start to your day. Great for a sweet ...

Top 8 Health Benefits of Matcha Tea! (Extended)

Matcha tea is certainly among the new wave chiefs when it comes to hot drinks with some folks drifting away from coffee to get their caffeine kick by drinking matcha shots. For some of you who don’t exactly know what matcha tea is, it is a special form of Japanese green tea which has been at ...

Vigor Mundi – Original Matcha

Founded in 2014 by Dez Vyzelman, Vigor Mundi aims to find products that are especially beneficial to the vitality of the body and mind, are clearly defined in its composition and are sourced from ethical producers. Matcha's use by Japanese and Chinese monks dates back over a 1000 years and has ...

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