Macros: What are they & Why are they Important?

We hear the word macros thrown around a lot lately but what are they and how do they benefit us? Put simply, they are the key nutrients that make up the foundations of our diet. The three essentials for human growth and development include Carbohydrates, Fat and Protein. Let's break these down ...

Macros: Top 5 Benefits of Tracking Them

If you wonder what athletes do to have a 'perfect physique' and a ripped body, I can tell you the magic formula. It's 80% nutrition and 20% workout. Of course, you need hard work, consistency, dedication and patience. However, you can train as hard as you want, but if your nutrition is not adapted ...

Say R.I.P to these 5 Outmoded Training Ideas!

If you’ve been training for a while, the likelihood is that you’ve followed a few ridiculous fitness fads or concepts that you’re not too proud of. While the concepts on this list might quite meet that criteria, following them could be what’s stopping you from reaching your full potential,  whether ...

What is a Flex Bowl?

It’s that time of the evening where your thumb is tired of scrolling through the many gym goers’ protein-licious dinners, filling up your Instagram newsfeed once again. How can a plateful of chicken and veg get over 1000 likes, you ask yourself? And this mighty bowl of what seems to look like, dare ...

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