Science Claims: Being ‘Hangry’ is a Real Thing

Have you ever noticed that you are more likely to snap at everyone around you when your stomach begins to grumble? This instant, irrational temper is defined as ‘hanger’. If you thought this slang term was unrelated to fact, think again! Read on for what the experts say in Science Claims: Being ...

Top 5 Benefits of a Ketogenic Diet!

Similar to the Atkins or low carb diet, the ketogenic diet can be defined as one containing very low amounts of carbohydrates with high amounts of fat. Whilst the idea of a high-fat diet may sound incredibly strange, there's actually a good rationale behind it. By reducing carbohydrate intake ...

8 Top Vegan Energy Bite Recipes!

Have you ever seen a recipe for a yummy, healthy treat? You buy all the ingredients and set up only to find you need a food processor to make them? Or perhaps you feel like you’re missing out on a convenient vegan snack purely because you don’t own this vital piece of equipment? Well fear not! I've ...

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